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A report from Pastor Peter Simpson

27th and 29th March 2018


We were preaching the gospel in Slough on Tuesday. A good number of conversations were entered into. A very disturbed young man sadly kicked in one of our scripture posters and vandalised our booktable. We have seen this person before. There seems to be a war waging in his heart with the forces of darkness. We had no choice but to call the Police about the incident. 

One or two passing Christians expressed their encouragement at the public testimony which was taking place. I entered into a discussion with a Muslim about whether he could be sure that Allah would forgive him for all his sins. I said that Christians can be sure, not because of anything in them, but because the Lord Jesus Christ’s death upon the Cross has satisfied God’s justice upon sin. 

Today (Thursday) our attention turned to High Wycombe High Street. There was just the one preacher (myself), and, we handed out a special tract for the season, the opening paragraph of which reads, 

“The death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ are the most important events in all human history. They demonstrate the essential sinfulness of man and how he might be forgiven and receive salvation and eternal life”.

One man said that he was both a Christian and a Buddhist. I tried to explain to him that the two faiths were incompatible, and that God is a real Person, separate from his creation, not just a life force associated with nature, as Buddhism teaches. I also mentioned that all religions which deny the uniqueness of Christ are ultimately satanic in origin. 

Church members were there in valiant support on this very wet day, including one with her young daughter in a pushchair, one in her 80s who walked up and down the high street with a large poster showing John 14:6, and one who is 90 this year, but all possessing equally undiminished zeal. 

The preaching endeavoured to plead with those passing by that they have no goodness of their own and cannot risk ignoring the soul-saving message of Jesus Christ crucified and risen again.