Christian Witness at Gay Pride


A small group of Bible-believing Christians gathered on the route of the Pride parade in central London on Saturday July 8th 2017 to uphold the righteousness which alone can exalt a nation and to preach the need for repentance from sin and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Some, much to their credit, had travelled long distances from other parts of the country to bring God’s word to the lost.

The enormous parade, supported by so many young people, is a direct manifestation of deep-seated rebellion against God (Romans 1:24). This public celebration of the trashing of God’s commandments was endorsed by the Mayor of London as an “antidote to hatred”. Theresa May, in similar politically correct fashion, said that Britain has a responsibility to promote LGBT rights across the world. No, Mrs May, Britain has a responsibility to uphold the Queen’s coronation oath to maintain the laws of God.

The Prime Minister’s video message to mark this year’s Pride event included the following : “Pride brings people together in joyful celebration of our values of freedom, tolerance and equality. It is a vivid display of the diversity which makes London one of the greatest cities in the world”. She went on to say concerning the ‘love’ theme of Pride London that “it captures perfectly the warmth of this wonderful city and its people” (source).

So vast numbers of young people being encouraged to defy God’s commandments, to indulge in a practice which the Bible calls sinful lust, and to question the fixed gender which God in His wisdom has assigned to them is, for our Prime Minister, a cause for joyful celebration.

It is worth pointing out that the diversity which allegedly characterises our capital city is of course not so diverse as to include Bible-believing Christians, namely those who uphold the Scripture-based established religion of our national constitution. Secular liberalism loves diversity, but vigorously excludes any who dare to disagree with it.

Tesco, Waitrose, the Bank of England and Barclays Bank were among those with floats in the parade rejoicing in all the God-rejecting decadence.

Those in the parade and the vast numbers supporting it were blinded by the meaningless slogan of ‘Love is Love’. Love, however, can never be divorced from God’s justice against sin, as the love of God in sending Christ to die for sinners perfectly demonstrates.

The parade included an assortment of drag queens. We saw virtually naked men (including bare buttocks) wearing high-heeled ladies shoes and just a scanty covering over their genitals. There were men clad in leather dressed up as dogs on leads. There were men parading down the public highway in front of vast numbers of spectators – including children – effectively wearing nothing but their underwear. Teenage girls and young women relished engaging in passionate kissing with one another. A banner was held aloft saying, F**K the DUP. Another read, “I may like D**ks”. A report on the Express website regarding the entertainment laid on for the parade supporters carried the headline : “Sinitta (a pop star) flashes nipples in saucy bondage-style outfit for very racy London Pride show”.

Is this what Mrs May thinks makes London one of the greatest cities in the world? Is this what the Mayor and the PM regard as a fun-filled family day out?

There were around 20 Christians endeavouring to preach the gospel and uphold God’s moral law, the law being a necessary schoolmaster to lead men to Christ. Despite our small presence numerically, the pro-homosexuals were much exercised by our witness and by the Scripture texts on display, which included, “Be sure your sin will find you out” and “Abstain from fleshly lusts which war against the soul”.

The parade supporters did their level best to neutralise our testimony by holding large banners right in front of us so as to block out the view of our Scripture texts. They obviously came prepared to do this, because one of their banners had the word ‘Censored’ across it. If we are just a bunch of middle-aged and elderly nobodies who are fast dying out, along with our prejudices (as we were told we were), why were they so anxious to cover up what we were saying? They obviously felt the need to conceal the word of God, but they were not successful. Many thousands would have read our Bible placards, and the word of God always has power. We thank God that in the midst of gross spiritual darkness, a few faithful souls were prepared to take the abuse and hold God’s word aloft.

Two lots of amplification equipment were damaged as Parade supporters snatched and broke our wires. This made preaching thereafter impossible, such was the level of the noise. This was criminal damage by those claiming to be ‘loving’.

Two lady vicars were very visible in their support of the parade and there were other ‘Christian’ groups doing the same. Such friendship with the world, however, makes people the enemies of God.

We were able to engage in much preaching before the parade began in earnest, and had conversations with youngsters who have probably never been challenged before on the sinfulness and medical dangers of this God-rejecting lifestyle.

The Lord Jesus Christ came down from the purity of heaven to a sin-laden world to rescue us. The least that we can do in response is to go out to where the sinners are, and where the sinners are doing their worst (without fear of being tainted – because the Lord protects) in an attempt to rescue them. May God use to His own glory this public declaration of His unchanging truth.

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