Westminster : Preachers in earnest plea for Biblical nationhood to be restored


On January 29th 2019 Pastor Peter Simpson (Penn) and Pastor John Sherwood (Finchley) were preaching the gospel and proclaiming the need for national righteousness outside of Parliament as crucial amendments to the Government’s EU Withdrawal Deal were being considered. We were aided by our sister Eve Hammond in the handing out of tracts.
There was once again enormous interest in our posters upholding the Biblical ordinance of nationhood which can be traced right back to Genesis 11, and is reconfirmed in various places of Scripture including Deuteronomy 32:8, Psalm 33:12 and Acts 17:26.

Numerous conversations were entered into with people both for against Brexit, and our specially prepared tract was handed out entitled, ‘Britain must make a clean break with the EU and return to its Bible-based Christian foundations’.

The preaching often emphasised how God judges nations as such, and will make them prosperous or otherwise according as they honour Him. Much focus was placed on the anti-Christian legislation enacted by Parliament in the post-war period contrary to the statutory obligation upon MPs laid down by the still in force 1688 Coronation Oath Act. The failure of the EU to identify with or even refer to Christianity its own constitution (the Lisbon Treaty) was also pointed out.

Conversations were had with three Christians who had come to Parliament this day specifically for the purpose of praying for the nation, one gentleman having even travelled all the way from South Wales to do so. Other passers-by were interested in the completely different angle (i.e. the Biblical perspective) in which the preachers were couching the Brexit debate.

As the need for national repentance was stressed, rather than trusting in the “princes” who comprise the EU (Psalm 146:3), there was also a calling on all individuals to repent and trust in the only Saviour for their personal salvation.

We received some challenges from those who felt that unions of nations, open borders and multiculturalism represented progressiveness and real virtue in human society.
Pastor Simpson responded, Many make these arguments in respect of the British people and more generally of the West, but strangely do not do so in respect of other parts of the world. Would they press upon, say, the Chinese, the Indians, the Somalis and the Egyptians (or any other African, Asian, Middle Eastern or South American nation one cares to name) their need to abandon their distinctive cultural and national identities, arguing that they must do so to advance the cause of one world togetherness? More to the point, Does the Lord require the destruction of the nation state in order to fulfil His purposes for the world? The answer to that question is quite simply that the Bible actually teaches the opposite.

Prayer is now being offered up that amongst the many who heard the gospel there may be those who see the need for a national humbling before God, and also to flee as individuals to the Lord Jesus Christ, the only Saviour of sinners. We also continue to pray that our Government will indeed deliver full independence to this nation, which is what everyone thought that they were voting for in June 2016. The next crucial Parliamentary vote will probably be on February 27th.

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