Pride London : Stern call to repentance as capital is given over to Christ-rejecting revelry

Mrs May tells us that “the Pride season is always a high point of the summer”. She even hosted a special Downing Street reception in anticipation of the London parade on July 6th, and used Prime Minister’s Questions in Parliament on the Wednesday before to further endorse her support of all things LGBT.

One wonders, however, how many Pride parades the PM has personally attended? The reality is that they are the absolute antithesis of harmless, wholesome and fun-filled family celebrations. They are in fact a feast of extreme immodesty and Christianity-rejecting revelry, as this London event vividly illustrated.  

What has our nation come to that the mayor of our capital city, other leading politicians, and even the PM herself, condone in the most fulsome manner public exhibitions of cross-dressing and of generally scanty and vulgar attire which leaves so little to the imagination? The costumes on display in London included men in such brief underwear that they might just as well have gone naked, except that the covering of their genitals highlighted the deliberate eroticism being aimed at. Other men were dressed up in leather, some as dogs in harnesses. Some even had knee pads on, so that, dog-like, they could go along the road on all fours. There were women gyrating to the heavy beat music parading themselves in tight and skimpy outfits deliberately designed to expose their buttocks. 

The mainstream media euphemises all of this child-corrupting public lustfulness as “colourful”. Apparently, for people to parade through the streets in such a manner advances the cause of “equality” and allows people to “be themselves”.   

The small gathering of pastors and faithful helpers from various parts of the country endeavoured to proclaim Biblical truth in a temperate, civilised manner and out of deep concern for the souls of those revelling in this celebration of sin on the public highway. As always, however, the witness was hindered by those professing to be Christians, but who, in craven conformity to the world, were endorsing the gay lifestyle and arguing that the “unconditional love” of Jesus demanded the acceptance of homosexuality. 

The Police placed the pastors and their helpers in what was in reality an unreasonable distance away from the parade itself, but in God’s providence many parade supporters came up to the gathering of Christians anyway, so incensed were they at the public proclamation of Biblical truth. 

One wonders if our virtue-signalling politicians who welcomed and praised the parade realise how the pastors and their helpers were treated on July 6th? In the name of equality and diversity girls and young women felt it fitting to express their contempt by exposing their breasts and backsides to the preachers. There was jeering and mocking chants, and the verbal abuse was accompanied by the usual vulgar hand gestures.

A number of the Christians supporting the pastors were senior citizens with a genuine concern for the way in which many young people are being led astray by the all-pervasive LGBT propaganda. One, an 81 year old great-grandmother, whilst being subjected to a torrent of four letter words, had a Scripture poster snatched from her hands, which was then thrown over a wall, so that it could not be recovered. Another Christian, a retired art teacher, was spat upon and doused with water and had his Scripture poster completely destroyed (these posters are professionally produced and cost money). These actions aptly symbolise the liberal establishment’s contemptuous attitude towards conservative, Biblical Christianity.   

Thankfully, despite all the abuse and rejection, some good conversations were entered into. Pastor David Carson from Chester in particular had some useful interactions whilst preaching, as a group of vociferous teenagers vigorously shouted at him. He responded to their comments and asked them searching questions, and he remarked afterwards how some of them were looking far from happy in their eyes and general countenance. May the Holy Spirit be drawing them to second thoughts about embracing or supporting this sinful lifestyle. 

Prayer is being offered up that at least some young people at the parade, having heard the preaching, may come to realise that the fashion of the age is no sure yardstick to determine eternal moral truth. May they be deeply convicted of sin and drawn to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for mercy. 

The small band of Christians went home weeping over the degeneration of the nation, which now rejoices in its contempt for the teachings of the Bible, even enlisting the help of a Red Arrows flypast to reinforce the public rubbishing of God’s commandments and of the nation’s Christian heritage.

(Pastor Simpson extends his hearty thanks to all who supported the witness, not least those who travelled long distances tot he capital for the gospel’s sake)

Pastor Peter Simpson, Penn Free Methodist Church

Pastor David Carson preaching. Notice how a parade supporter is trying to cover up the word of God with a rainbow flag

Penn Free Methodists