Survey-conducting student : What is High Wycombe’s greatest need? Pastor : That people repent of their sin and flee to Christ for mercy

On the 25th July Pastors Peter Simpson and John Sherwood were preaching the gospel in a very sultry High Wycombe, where temperatures reached up to 34 Celsius (93 Fahrenheit). 

Pastor Simpson began the preaching expounding Jeremiah 5:24, “Let us now fear the LORD our God, that giveth rain … he reserveth unto us the appointed weeks of the harvest.” Man’s problem is that he does not fear the God who controls the climate, who brings the sun to ripen the grain and the rain to ensure its growth. The preacher’s message was, Do not worry about climate change, but fear the Trinitarian God who controls the climate, who created the earth with its seasons, and who caused the sun to rise this very morning.

A good number of tracts was distributed, and some good conversations entered into, especially when church helper, Mrs Outten, challenged some young people, asserting that Jesus Christ is the only way to God, and that other paths were therefore false. 

There were a a number of young students doing a survey in the high street about the state of High Wycombe. What kind of town is it? What are its problems and needs? Is it a good place to live? 

Pastor Simpson explained that the problems in the town of homelessness were in many cases directly linked to family and relationship breakdown, which is a spiritual issue, not an economic one. 

Concerning the problem of young people hanging around with nothing to do, the minister responded that this again should be approached as a spiritual matter. If the youngsters are still at school, then they will always have studies to attend to; if they are on holiday, there are always tasks around the house whereby they can give help to their parents. The Council could spend large sums of money on community and youth centres, but money cannot change the human heart. Far more important is that young people understand why they are here, and realise that they are answerable to God and have obligations to behave in a way which is pleasing to Him.

Regarding the problems in the town of of drug-taking, once more this must be viewed as a spiritual problem : it wrong before God to look for emotional ‘kicks’ by means of artificial stimulants. It is a dishonouring of the God-given body. If people have such unsatisfied lives that they are desperately looking for ‘highs’ from drugs, then this is because they are alienated from their Maker, and need to be reconciled to Him through faith in Christ.  

Explaining the gospel to young people

When asked by the survey-conducting students, What is High Wycombe’s greatest need?, Pastor Simpson replied, That sinners repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. The nation has turned away from God, and this brings with it all kinds of desperate social and economic problems. 

Prayer is now being offered up that those who heard in High Wycombe will be moved to consider that separation from the Trinitarian God is society’s greatest problem, and it can only be remedied by repentance from sin and faith in the unique Saviour of men, the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Peter Simpson