Pride Manchester : Parade exposed as celebration of fleshly lusts which war against the soul

The word of God is the only antidote to this fashionable all-pervading sin

On Saturday 24th August a group of Bible-believing Christians gathered on Peter Street in central Manchester to witness to Biblical truth and against the enormously supported and very high profile ‘Gay’ Pride parade taking place in the city. Network Rail workers had even painted benches around Piccadilly Station in rainbow colours. The Virgin Trains conductor who asked to see the ticket of this writer on his way to Manchester had a rainbow-painted face and a special pro-Pride tee-shirt.

Both local press outlets around the country and some national newspapers reported on a Coronation Street actor, Anthony Cotton, jumping off the soap’s parade float to wave a rainbow flag on a tall pole right in front of the witnessing Christians. Another actor from the popular soap, Dolly-Rose Campbell, held up a blasphemous sign which read, “Jesus had two dads and he turned our fine”.

How dare people joke about the sacred wonder of the virgin birth on the public highway? Would there be such willingness to engage in such public mockery of the person of Mohammed? Mr Cotton’s action, according to the news reports, made him a hero in the eyes of the crowd, such is the God-rejecting popular culture so prevalent in modern Britain.

Pastor David Carson

The Sun newspaper referred to the peacefully protesting believers as a “mob”. Whatever happened to impartial journalism? It is noticeable that the newspaper reports also referred to “anti-gay protestors”, never to Christian preachers. The harsh reality of course is that what was going on at this celebration of moral wickedness was totally at odds with the Christian revelation on which our civilisation has been based.

To convey some notion of the flavour of this (and all other Pride parades), a report in the Manchester Evening News read as follows : “Fashion … gets pretty risqué at this time of year, with nipple tape and body harnesses over bare chests commonplace … (and) fetish wear … the Manchester rubbermen had plenty of it to go around during the parade”. Yet this is the sort of fare which the establishment deems appropriate to trumpet as a fun-filled family day out with children watching. What a desperate spiritual condition our nation is in, which it is why it was so important for this witness to take place.

The preachers included Pastor Mark Mullins of Strangers’ Rest Evangelical Church in Shadwell, London, Pastor David Carson of Zion Tabernacle Church in Chester and Pastor John Sherwood of Pilgrim Tabernacle Church in Finchley, north London. A faithful band of helpers supported the preaching in the absolutely vital work of displaying the relevant Bible passages concerning sodomy and which called sinners to repentance. We are rejoicing that one or two of the newspaper reports quoted, albeit disparagingly, 1 Peter 2:11, “Abstain from fleshly lusts which war against the soul”. Thus the word of the Lord goes forth, even though men hate it.

During the witness a lady who described herself as an evangelical Christian came up to those witnessing and stated that there was nothing wrong in supporting the parade! (One can only weep). Another lady approached this writer and declared, “You are wrong – Jesus loves everyone”. She received the response, Where in the Bible does it say that? The Lord Jesus Christ declared, “Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish” (Luke 13:3).

May the Lord have mercy on our sin-sick nation. The parade included contingents from the armed forces and police. Sponsors included the Cooperative Bank, Coca-Cola and Thomas Cook Airlines. How essential it is for God’s people to make a continuing stand against such anti-Christian revelry on the streets of our towns and cities. Let us never forget, the LGBT agenda is more than just the advocacy of one particular sin; it is a God-rejecting spearhead to destroy completely the vestiges of our Christian civilisation. Above all else, sinners need saving, and, by God’s grace, many heard the gospel in Manchester on August 24th. May the Lord yet be pleased to be merciful to those who glory in their sin.

Peter Simpson