Uxbridge : Shocking anti-Christian vandalism as preachers accused of hate speech for asserting that God controls the climate

Uxbridge : Shocking anti-Christian vandalism as preachers accused of hate speech for asserting that God controls the climate

Pastors Peter Simpson and John Sherwood were preaching the gospel in Uxbridge on the 11th October, aided by Mr Damian Jankowski, Mrs Patrica Newman and Mrs Eve Hammond. 

Some passing Christians were much encouraged by the preachers’ presence. A good numbers of conversations were entered into. Sister Eve gave a sympathetic ear to a man who after personal tragedy had turned to drink. He took a tract and asked for prayer. A young man listened for a long while to the gospel testimony, and then stated that he used to be a Christian and wants to come back. May the Lord work powerfully upon him. Prayer is also being offered up for a lady who is a secret believer but who is much impeded because all of her family are Muslim. 

Pastor Simpson responded that 99.5% of abortions had nothing to do with rape, and that we cannot use euphemisms to obscure the reality of what abortion really is. Abortion must be denounced, and to do so is an act of love to warn people against being involved in such wickedness; such warning could in fact protect women from unbearable guilt-ridden anxiety for the rest of their days, knowing that they had wilfully destroyed their own offspring. 

A young woman who attends an Anglican Church took strong exception to Pastor Sherwood referring to abortion as the murder of young children. She claimed that whatever one’s view on abortion, such language should not be employed in the street, because it could be highly upsetting and offensive to some women, particularly if they had been the victims of rape. 

The minister explained to the opposer that there is indeed a clear-cut moral issue at stake, and he told her how Psalm 139 describes an embryo as being fashioned by the Lord Himself from the moment of conception. The lady, though a professing Christian, responded that she was not interested in what the Bible says, and that it would have been better if the preachers had stayed at home.  

Another intelligent and well-educated young woman also strongly advocated the legitimacy of abortion, along with the scientific validity of evolutionary theory. She was asked where she got her moral values from. She said, ‘From science’. Science, however, is morally neutral and can be used for good or evil. Pastor Simpson also responded that the wretched sin of abortion must not be employed as a useful escape route to cover the sin of fornication. In response, the opponent argued for no restraint upon sexual liberties, as long as there was mutual consent. What a desperately hardened generation feminism has produced, even to the extent of suppressing the innately planted maternal instinct.  

In view of the Extinction Rebellion protests in central London it was felt necessary to put on display was a poster dealing with the issue of climate change. One man who walked by claimed that the poster could lead to young people committing suicide! It reads,

CLIMATE CHANGE ANXIETY is what happens when people no longer fear the God who controls the climate. Such anxiety is unnecessary, because the Lord has promised, “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter … shall not cease” (Genesis 8:22).

Another young man became really irate about the poster, and said to Pastor Simpson, “I have seen you here before. You are full of hate and that poster is hate speech”. He then undid the bungee tying the aluminium frame to its stand, and walked off with the frame, whilst the minister was talking to someone else. He then ripped the poster out of the frame, but could not tear it up because of its being laminated. Mr Jankowski and Pastor Simpson ran after him, because an act of blatant-broad-daylight criminal theft and vandalism was taking place. The pastor tried to grab the poster from him, but he refused to let go of it. Mr Jankowski was then enabled to restrain him without in any way hurting him, so that the poster could be recovered.

This incident shows that climate change is at root a spiritual issue, and that so many people are concerned about it precisely because they do not trust in the God who controls the climate and who has caused it to vary, even dramatically, throughout human history. There appears to be an over-bearing sense of self righteousness in many who protest about climate change whereby they think that their cause places them above the law of the land. Even more importantly, they need to submit to the law of the God who is upholding His creation at every moment. 

May the Lord bring deep conviction of sin upon all the gainsayers upon this day of dark, brooding clouds overhead, which well depicted the abject spiritual darkness which prevails in trendy liberal Britain. 

Peter Simpson