High Wycombe : Young people defend gross immorality without any qualms

High Wycombe : Young people defend gross immorality without any qualms


Pastor John Sherwood and Peter Simpson were preaching the gospel in High Wycombe on Thursday 28th November, helped by Mrs Lis Outten and Mr Damian Jankowski. 

A good number of conversations were entered into. One middle-aged man strongly challenged Pastor Simpson with the question, Why has Christ not come back to sort out all the problems in the world? The minister responded that He was delaying His coming in judgement in order to give men opportunity to repent and find salvation. 

The challenger then went on to desribe the horrors of various more recent wars. The preacher replied that the existence of war was a vindication of the Christian  message, not a denial of it. Men engage in war because of the innate sinfulness of their hearts, which only faith in Christ can remove.   

One young man freely related to Pastor Simpson about his immoral lifestyle, and referred to the abortion of a child of which he had been the father. He had no sense of having done anything out of the ordinary or actually wrong. How tragic that so many people are blinded to the seriousness of sin and the danger which they are in. 

One young woman took great exception to the preachers’ argument that abortions took place precisely because people were in grave rebellion against God. She argued  – quite shockingly – that the child in the womb is no more than a lump of cells and a ‘parasite’ which needs to be removed. She also claimed that abortion was especially justified in the case of rape, but the witnessing Christians tried to plead with her that the wilful destruction of heart-beating life in the womb is never justified in any circumstances.  

May the Lord bring much conviction of sin upon those who heard the gospel in High Wycombe, as the law of God was proclaimed as a schoolmaster to humble sinners to see tebir need of the Saviour.   

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