Brexit Day marked in Westminster by earnest calls to national repentance

Brexit Day marked in Westminster by earnest calls to national repentance

Pastors John Sherwood and Peter Simpson, helped by Mrs Patricia Newman and Mr David Skinner, gathered outside of the Houses of Parliament on Friday January 31st 2020, Brexit Day, to proclaim the vital need to improve the gracious providence of independence from the European Union (and let us pray that it is real independence) by means of a national humbling and contrition before the Trinitarian God, who alone ordains the affairs of the nations. 

Brexit is much to be welcomed because God has ordained the sovereignty of nation states. However, Brexit is not the answer to all the nation’s problems. Britain has been engaged in decades of profound rebellion against the teachings of the Christian Scriptures. Therefore the great need of the hour is for repentance from sin and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ on both a national and an individual level. 

Particular emphasis was laid in the preaching upon the prevailing sins of the day including abortion, marriage redefinition and ignoring the Lord’s Day. The great blessing which Christianity has brought to these islands throughout our history was also made known. 

This call for national and personal repentance aroused the opposition of various passing atheists. One said dismissively that he saw absolutely no evidence for believing. Pastor Simpson responded that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is sufficient evidence. The first believers were willing to risk being thrown to the lions in a Roman amphitheatre rather than deny the risen Christ. Another atheist blasphemed, declaring that he was looking forward to telling God all that He has done wrong, if he were ever to stand before Him. He was warned about the reality of God’‘s wrath. 

A good number of useful conversations were entered into by those walking past the witness, and enormous interest was shown in the various posters on display, with many photographs being taken of them. One of them read, ‘Brexit is very good, but will be of no avail, if the nation does not return to the one true faith of Jesus Christ’.

At one stage Pastor Simpson and Mrs Newman were interviewed by a journalist from the news agency France24, the French equivalent of the BBC World Service. He was very interested in the Biblical teaching behind the ordinance of the nation state. The minister explained how God had instituted nationhood at the time of the Tower of Babel rebellion, and that He further set His seal upon nationhood by using it as his vehicle of revelation to the world from the time of Abraham to the time of Christ. Furthermore, the institution is re-endorsed in the New Testament in Acts 17:26. 

Prayer is now being offered up that there might be a deep Spirit-led conviction and response to this proclamation of gospel truth at the seat of our nation’s government.

Penn Free Methodists