Welcome to our services on Sunday May 31st at 11.00am and 6.30pm

How urgently the nation needs to turn to the one true faith of the Lord Jesus Christ in order to seek His aid and to understand what is happening as society goes through this current pandemic crisis. So do join us for our online services on May31st.

The meeting will employ Zoom video-conferencing software, which is free. Please go to www.zoom.us

Please email Pastor Simpson for the the link at revps@icloud.com

We of course long to be gathering together normally in the church as quickly as we are able, but in the meanwhile these ‘virtual’ meetings are a valuable second best. They last for around an hour. On Sundays we also worship by means of one or two pre-recorded hymns put up onto the screen. Participants are on mute, but are able to sing along in their own home gatherings. DO JOIN US on both Wednesday evenings at 8pm and twice on Sundays.

“This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners” (1 Timothy 1:15).

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