Slough Witness : Sikhs, Muslims, Atheists and New Agers all told that truth lies in Christ alone

Pastors John Sherwood and Peter Simpson and Mr Graham Parkhouse were preaching the gospel in Slough High Street today. There were thankfully enough people walking around the town centre to more than justify the usefulness of this witness. Social distancing was maintained, and this did not hinder the public proclamation of Christ’s truth. 

One man walked by and declared, “I am not interested in any of that rubbish”. Pastor Sherwood replied to him that life more than just physical matter and there is such a thing as a spiritual dimension. The North London minister endeavoured to impress upon him that man is more than just flesh and blood, but has an immortal soul. He sadly continued to show no interest.  

One man came up to Pastor Simpson and asked, When is God going to stop the coronavirus? He was told that the Lord Jesus Christ could remove it at any time, but that the nation must first humble itself before Him and cry out for mercy. The minister explained that God is not just an errand boy for people, when they happen to be in some trouble. They need to acknowledge that over the long term they have been ignoring Him, if they expect Him to remove their afflictions. 

The man then expressed much concern about the economic situation and his inability to find work. The Penn minister expressed much sympathy for him in this regard, and tried to explain that the Lord can bring blessings upon a nation’s economy, if the people are willing to turn in repentance to the Lord Jesus Christ.

One passer-by seemed to be deeply immersed in New Age ideas and would not accept the Christian teaching of God being separate from His creation, as opposed to part of it. This opponent even claimed to be a divine being! He sadly seemed impervious to any kind of explanation of the gospel.   

Discussion was entered into with a Muslim lady about the reality of the Lord’s death on the Cross, as opposed to the Islamic teaching that the person who hung on the Cross was in fact not Jesus of Nazareth, but a substitute for our Lord. Surah 4, verses 157-158 of the Qur’an state, “They killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them … of a surety they killed him not”. So Muslims teach that all Christians have fallen victim to a clever deception regarding the crucifixion. Tragically, by denying Christ’s death (and so also His resurrection from the dead), they are rejecting the very heart and substance of the Christian message.

A Sikh young man was pleased that we were present in the high street and displaying posters regarding the coronavirus as being a call to the nation to seek God’s face. Pastor Simpson tried to gently steer him away from his belief in reincarnation and to face up to the reality of death, and then judgement, and to the truth that there are no second chances to be reconciled to God in any subsequent lives upon this earth. 

The preaching proclaimed that the disease of sin is an even greater plague than the current pandemic (without in any way wishing to minimise its seriousness). At a time of national crisis what a danger there is of society putting its trust in human agencies rather than in turning to the Trinitarian God, who alone controls the advent of disease. 

Prayer is being offered up that the Holy Spirit will work in convicting power upon the hearts of those who heard a word of Biblical truth in Slough today. 

Pastor Peter Simpson

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