‘Black Lives Matter’ protestors (all very young) are told that the great problem in the world is not race but the sin in the heart of every fallen son of Adam

Report on gospel preaching in Slough High Street on 9th June 2020

Mr Graham Parkhouse from Epsom and Pastors John Sherwood (Finchley) and Peter Simpson (Penn) were preaching the gospel in Slough High Street on Tuesday June 9th.  

One or two passing Christians were much encouraged by the very fact that a public testimony to Christ’s saving power was taking place.

One man who was very sceptical about the Christian faith was exhorted to think about the fact that he had an immortal soul and that heaven or hell is the inevitable and eternal destiny of that soul.  

Another man came up to Pastor Simpson as he was preaching and said that he wanted to go to hell, because all his friends were there. The preacher responded that he would not be jesting in such a way on the Day of Judgement and would be standing before Christ with his friends powerless to help him in the slightest, as the decree of eternal condemnation is passed upon him. 

A group of young people, mainly teenage girls, were staging a ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest with banners and chanting outside of the nearby MacDonalds store. Their theme was the horrors of colonialism, the evil of slavery and the terrible plight of black people in modern Britain. They were displaying a list of the names of black people abused by the allegedly racist UK Police. 

The preachers went up to them and challenged them that divisions in society were due to the problem of sin inherent in all men, and not to the issue of race. They were told that in reality there is only one human race, all descended from the first man, Adam. 

The youngsters were also politely told that as sinners themselves they needed Christ, as do all people. It is suspected that these teenagers have never been exposed to, either in the schools or through the media, any other worldview than that of highly fashionable cultural Marxism with its compulsory presumption of ‘white privilege’.

The preachers endeavoured to explain to the protestors that the world’s problems cannot be solved by presuming a uniform victimhood in one racial segment of humanity at the hands of a uniformly wicked different racial segment of humanity.

It is necessary to deal with the root cause of hatred and divisions, and that is sin, a problem which is endemic in all races and cultures. Also, the Marxist solution of ‘it is all the fault of the white man’ has no way of explaining the very common phenomenon of hatred and division amongst people who belong belong to the same ethnic group. The only solution in all these various scenarios of conflict is the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is also far from logical to presume, as the protesters were doing, that, because there is perceived to be a race problem in the USA, an exact parallel problem must exist in the UK. By no rational line of argument can it be remotely claimed that because of a single incident of inhumane Police brutality in the USA there must of necessity exist systemic racism amongst the British Police and in British society generally.

The protesting teenagers were told that all lives matter, and that all people without exception need to come in repentance and faith to the Lord Jesus Christ, for He alone can deal with the issue of sin in the human heart.

When Pastor Simpson pointed out that it was Bible-believing Christians in this country who had worked to bring about the abolition of slavery, they sadly showed no interest at all, and asked the witnessing preachers to stop ‘disturbing’ their protest, even though the point of their protesting was presumably to stimulate some kind of interaction.

The preaching to the passers-by upon this day also emphasised that God is is in control of the environment and the climate, as He who upholds His own creation. People need to bow down before their Maker, He who gives to them their daily breath. Many in our day are tragically reverting to the ancient pagan worship of Mother Earth, as the climate change agenda is unrelentingly promoted by the media and politicians.

May many of those who heard some gospel truth in Slough be moved to serious reflection about their souls and flee to the Lord Jesus Christ. May many come to realise that true virtue in this fallen world is not to be found in following the fashionable causes of unregenerate men whose minds are blinded by Satan.


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