Slough witness : ‘You have no right to ram your message down people’s throats by shouting out in the street’.

Pastors John Sherwood (Finchley) and Peter Simpson (Penn) and Mr Graham Parkhouse (Epsom) were preaching the gospel in Slough today, supported valiantly by Mrs Eve Hammond. 

There were plenty of people around with the ‘non-essential’ shops now open. A number of conversations were entered into and tracts were actually asked for on one or two occasions. 

One passing young man got very upset as brother Parkhouse spoke of the sinfulness of the recent lawlessness on the streets.

One teenage boy came and asked Pastor Simpson a question about the poster which he was holding which read, ‘The coronavirus is a call to the nation to pray to the God who can remove it, if the people humble themselves and come to Christ’. He said, What is the point of encouraging people to pray, when most do not believe in God anyway?

The minister responded that most people not believing was in a nutshell the problem which the poster addresses. The call to people to pray is a call to them to start realising that they are in the hands of the God whom they have up to now disregarded. He is the God who controls matters such as a pandemic. The coronavirus is a providential prompting to people to humble themselves and to seek God’s face. 

Pastor Sherwood preaching

The teenager responded that many people will believe in different gods, and so a general call to the Christian God cannot be issued. Pastor Simpson pointed out that there is only one God, and that there is such a concept as false religion, behind which is Satan himself. We can call upon all people to pray because all need to come to the one true God who manifests Himself in Jesus Christ.

A youngish woman said that she hated  the way that the preacher was ‘pushing the message down people’s throats’. It was all right handing out leaflets, she said, but not the preaching. People can go to churches or look information up online, if they want to find out about Christianity, but a man ‘shouting out’ in the street is objectionable and unpleasant. 

Pastor Peter Simpson preaching

Pastor Simpson responded that there would never have been any churches in Britain in the first place, if there had never been any open air preaching, and that the Lord Jesus Christ was himself such a preacher. Truth must be proclaimed with authority. It is not simply a matter of take it or leave it, whatever your personal preference happens to be. There is an obligation upon men to repent and believe the gospel : “God now commandeth all men everywhere to repent” (Acts 17:30). 

The young lady also took exception to the poster questioning the promotion of the LGBT agenda in schools. She was told in response that the Bible was unequivocal in its condemnation of the sin of homosexuality. It is so sad to see what a thoroughly effective job the media have done in conditioning the majority of people in society to embrace wholeheartedly the LGBT narrative. 

May the uncertainty of the times in which we live cause many who heard in Slough  to realise their fragility as mere mortals, and turn in repentance and faith to the only Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. 

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