Preachers receive torrent of verbal abuse for saying that the LGBT agenda should not be promoted in schools

On June 25th Pastors Peter Simpson and John Sherwood were preaching the gospel in High Wycombe High Street on a swelteringly hot day. They were helped by members of the congregation, who were able, by God’s grace, to distribute an encouraging number of tracts and to enter into some profitable discussions.  

One such conversation was with a lady who knew that she was not right with God and who showed real concern about being reconciled to her Maker. Prayer is being offered up that the Lord would greatly use the literature which she took with her. 

The footfall in the high street was not enormous, but more than enough to make the witness thoroughly worthwhile, for there is rejoicing in heaven over just one sinner who repents. 

One young man became really irate at the poster which states that promoting the LGBT agenda in schools is one of the sad results of a nation having abandoned the authority of the Bible. 

The man thought the poster to be an example of blatant homophobia, and he started to remonstrate with Pastor Sherwood as Pastor Simpson was preaching. Pastor Sherwood told him that if he did not like the poster, then he was free to just walk past and ignore it. 

Pastor Sherwood preaching

The Penn minister then challenged the protestor, arguing that it is surely inappropriate to tell children of primary school age that it is quite normal and acceptable for families to comprise two fathers or two mothers. It is another way of saying that a child does not necessarily need both a mother and a father. Surely such an idea will create great confusion in young, impressionable and developing minds. Furthermore, such an idea is a direct repudiation of God’s ordained created order.  

The man responded with a torrent of personal abuse, and asked Pastor Simpson for the name of his church, which he gave him. He then said that he was going to report him to the Police. The minister responded that all the insulting language that he was employing did not constitute a reasonable defence of the position which he was trying to maintain. May the Lord be pleased to open this man’s eyes to the great danger of being a slave to the fashionable philosophies of the moment. 

Indeed, may many who heard in High Wycombe this day be brought to see the folly of following the darkened thinking of men, but may they rather submit to the purity of truth to be found in the Holy Bible, the inerrant word of God.   

Church helper holding forth the word of life

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