Uxbridge witness : Man incensed by gospel preaching takes menacing lunge at pastor

Uxbridge heard the gospel of Jesus Christ crucified for sinners on July 3rd as Pastors John Sherwood and Peter Simpson engaged in preaching in the town centre. They were very ably assisted by church helpers Mrs Eve Hammond and Mrs Patrica Newman. 

As Pastor Simpson was preaching, a young man said that to argue that homosexuality is sinful inappropriate and divisive in the 21st century, and such teaching is not justified simply because of what ‘a book’ says. People should be  allowed to make their own choices about their sexual preferences and be allowed to get on with their lives. The minister responded that the LGBT movement was not made up of people quietly getting on with their lives, but was endeavouring to mould the whole of society into its image, even targeting primary age schoolchildren. Pastor Simpson also referred to the health problems associated with such immoral practice, which was surely an indication that the human body was not designed for such practice. 

Mrs Newman had a useful conversation with lady of the Baha’i faith, who was not in any way antagonistic to Christianity, but who was nevertheless sadly embracing a number of seriously anti-Biblical notions in accordance with her religion, not least of which is the idea of the unity of world religions and the pursuit of a universal brotherhood of man. This goal is ultimately the same error as those who rebelled against God’s decree to spread out across the earth after the Flood, and who built the Tower of Babel, the purpose of which was to unify the culture of mankind and also to engage in the worship of the stars. 

The Baha’i faith also teaches that that religion evolves and progresses over the centuries, whereas the Bible teaches that we must be believe the “the faith which was once delivered unto the saints” (Jude 1:3), the full and complete revelation of  which we now possess in the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the completion of the Christian Scriptures. 

A group of teenage girls were mocking the preaching from a distance, and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves in the process. Sister Eve began praying for them, and then walked towards them, so that it could be clearly seen that she was concerned about them and was praying because of that concern. The obvious earnestness of this lady evidently had a subduing effect on at least two of the mockers, who changed their demeanour and began to desist. 

One man who as riding in an invalidity scooter became very irate, when Pastor Simpson was preaching, and he appeared to take great exception to any denunciation of abortion. Pastor Sherwood tried to explain some Biblical  teachings to him, but he continued in his anger, arose from his vehicle and lunged menacingly at the pastor. Thankfully, a passer-by intervened to try and pacify him, but he then drove off and deliberately drove his mobility scooter over one of the posters which the witnessing Christians had brought with them and which was momentarily lying on the ground. 

This incident reveals the deep hostility in the heart of fallen man to gospel truth. May the Lord soften this man’s heart, and indeed the hearts of many who heard in Uxbridge, that they might realise that the gospel is preached to them, not to harm and antagonise them, but for their eternal benefit.  

Pastor Sherwood pleading with non-believers

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Phew, hard just reading this, but God knows their heart and whether the seed fell into soft soil this time. Well done preachers. 👏

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