HIGH WYCOMBE WITNESS : Pastor challenges science worshipping atheists about soft tissue and proteins in dinosaur fossils


On September 24th the centre of High Wycombe heard the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ crucified for sinners by Pastors Peter Simpson and John Sherwood. The preachers were very ably assisted by various members of the congregation, and a good number of tracts was handed out. 

One young man stood nearby and listened intently and for an extended period to Pastor Sherwood’s preaching, which was so encouraging. So often people do not even wish to be seen to be listening, and so just scurry past. 

One man became very irate with Pastor Simpson for preaching about the sinfulness of the UK Government’s redefining of marriage, and its promotion of the LGBT agenda in schools. This is an example of Britain’s brazen rejection of its Biblical foundations. The passer-by accused the minister of preaching hate and of having no right to be in the high street. Pastor Simpson asked him if he thought himself to be wiser than the God who has decreed that homosexuality is sinful. Tragically, the world often resorts to accusations of hate, when anyone dares to challenge the presumptions of the liberal establishment and its creed of cultural Marxism, whereas the motive for being in the high street and for  upholding God’s truth is love for our neighbours.   

Pastor Simpson entered into an extended conversation with two young men who were atheists, and who happily conformed to modern secular notions of morality. They were utterly incredulous, when the preacher told them that sexual relations outside of marriage constituted being governed by the lusts of the flesh and were an offence to God. They also told the minister that it was totally unscientific to believe in the Biblical account of creation and in a young earth of just a few thousand years. The preacher responded that the founding father of modern day science, Isaac Newton, was in fact a six day creationist. 

Pastor Simpson also referred the atheistic sceptics to the discovery in the 21st century of proteins and soft tissue, including blood vessels and red blood cells, in the fossil remains of dinosaurs, which are meant to be millions of years old. In 2005 Dr Mary Schweitzer, a dinosaur palaeontologist at North Carolina State University, found pliable tissue in the fossil of a tyrannosaurus rex (1). Collagen, an animal protein, was also found. Yet, according to all the norms of current scientific observation proteins and soft tissue decay over much shorter periods of time and simply cannot survive for millions of years (2). In other words, the dinosaurs  must be much younger than conventional evolutionary thinking demands. (The reality of course is that they lived alongside men just a few thousand years ago). 

However, despite this plain evidence of soft tissue in fossilised creatures, the mainstream scientific community continues to insist, in order to adhere to Darwinian thinking, that the dinosaurs existed on earth before man, at least 65 millions years ago, and indeed much further into the past.

Sadly, the two young men refused to accept an evangelistic tract leading them to the Saviour on the grounds of Covid-19 and that it might be contaminated. If only they had realised the value of the words of life and precious counsel contained in the tracts. 

Prayer is being offered up that both they and all the others in High Wycombe with whom conversations were had or who heard the preaching that the Holy Spirit will work in their hearts for the conviction of sin and for a humbling of themselves before their Maker.   

1 https://answersingenesis.org/blogs/ken-ham/2017/09/19/more-dinosaur-soft-tissue-finds-2017/

2 https://answersingenesis.org/fossils/dinosaur-tissue/

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