HIGH WYCOMBE WITNESS : Council official asks, Have you a licence to display those posters? Pastor replies, Yes, from Her Majesty the Queen.

Pastors John Sherwood and Peter Simpson were preaching Jesus Christ and Him crucified in High Wycombe on October 8th, helped most ably by members of the congregation of Penn Free Methodist Church and a brother from Pastor Sherwood’s church in Finchley (Pilgrim Tabernacle). 

One young man came up and accused the preachers of being homophobic. This artificial term is of course crafted precisely in an attempt to shut down the expression of any opposition to LGBT orthodoxy. 

The conversation with the young man attracted other listeners, as the two pastors defended Biblical teaching, with Pastor Sherwood quoting from the book of Leviticus concerning God’s verdict on this particular sin. 

It was also explained to the young man that to speak out against fashionable sins is not an expression of hatred or prejudice, but a gracious warning to non-believers about the danger that they are in. Yes, we preach against all types of sin, for all is displeasing to God, but it would not be right deliberately to avoid speaking about the darling sins of our generation. 

One lady walked by Mrs Hammond and stated that she was not interested in Christianity on the grounds that she did not believe that the world was created by God. The stalwart witnessing Christian speaking to her happened to be standing near to a rather pretty hanging basket, and so replied to the lady, “Try making those flowers yourself”. One trusts that this short and straight to the point riposte, lovingly directed, will have registered with the creation-denying sceptic. 

Mrs Outten had a long conversation with a young man, whose questions included, Are all types of sin forgiven?, to which he received the appropriate reply, Yes, if there is true, heartfelt and ongoing repentance. Forgiveness, of course, is not for those who intend to go back to their sin, or who have no desire to abandon all that is displeasing to God. The young man encouragingly took a free Bible which was offered to him. 

Conversation was entered into with a young woman on the subject of abortion. The woman stated that she had no moral objection to the practice, but she was counselled that those have abortions will end up being depressed and troubled for the rest of their days, because this practice is so contrary to nature and to the God-given motherly instinct, and is so deeply offensive to our holy God. 

One of the church members witnessing to a listener

A local authority official/employee came up to Pastor Simpson and asked if he had a licence from the Council to display in public posters carrying Bible texts and Christian messages. The Penn minister replied that no such permission was needed, since the High Street is the Queen’s public highway and is not owned by the Council. He politely advised the official that the preachers are in fact carrying out the constitutional promise made by the Queen at her coronation to uphold the faith of the Christian Scriptures.

Another lady listened to the preaching for a lengthy period and then took a tract on the parable of the prodigal son. Prayer is being offered up that its message of the need to return in all humility to the Father who has been ignored and disdainfully treated might be carefully heeded. Those witnessing took heart at the considerable number of these tracts which were received by members of the public. May many who read them take heed of the fourfold warning contained within them : 

1. All without Christ are far off from their heavenly Father, as if living in a foreign land. 

2. All without Christ are slaves to the desires of their sinful and corrupted hearts. 

3. All without Christ are dying of spiritual hunger. 

4. All without Christ, as they reject God and His commandments, will one day discover their terrible mistake. 

Pastor Sherwood calling sinners to repentance

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