PRESS RELEASE : Pastor’s Christian critique of Mayor of London’s ‘Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm’

Pastor Peter Simpson, Minister of Penn Free Methodist Church in Buckinghamshire, has issued the following statement regarding the Mayor of London’s recent establishment of a commission reviewing the city’s statues, memorials, street names and monuments.

“On September 11th the Mayor of London tweeted, ‘Far too many Londoners don’t see themselves or their histories reflected in our public spaces’, and on September 16th he further stated, ‘I’m looking for Londoners to join my new commission reviewing diversity and representation across our city’s public spaces, from our statues and memorials to our street and building names’.

The Mayor’s desire to revise the capital’s cultural heritage in order to reflect a multicultural worldview needs to be challenged from a distinctly Christian perspective. It is an example of how Britain is selling its soul to the forces of fashionable Cultural Marxism.

Firstly, it must be stated with no apology that Biblical Christianity does not demand the destruction of national identities, nor the rewriting of history, and nor does it teach that multicultural societies are intrinsically better than those more aligned to a single culture.  

The Christian loves his neighbour whoever he is and wherever he comes from, but that does not negate the principle that people who have voluntarily chosen to come and live in the United Kingdom from other lands and cultures should surely endeavour to seek integration with the existing character of the nation, rather than to pursue a separate cultural identity.

The Bible clearly teaches this principle of integration. For example, in the fourth of the Ten Commandments the obligation to keep the sabbath day holy was laid up the “stranger that is within thy gates” (i.e. non-Israelites living in the land), as well as upon the native Israelites (Exodus 20:10). Likewise, Leviticus 16:29 shows us that observance of the Day of Atonement was incumbent upon both the Israelites and the Gentiles living in their midst.

The quality of life prevailing in Britain, which is the primary motivating factor in people from other lands moving to the UK, is a function of the nation’s history and culture. This quality of life has not just suddenly and randomly happened; it has taken countless generations to build it up, and there are fundamental principles undergirding it. 

Britain is what it is precisely because of its close historical identification with the faith of the Scriptures, even to the extent of our present head of state having taken a Bible in her hand at her coronation and promising to uphold its teachings. The creed of multiculturalism, in contrast, demands that Christianity must not in any way be regarded be regarded as producing a better society than other religions or cultural identities might accomplish.  

However, if the multiculturalists are correct in seeking to sideline Christianity in this way, and if they are morally virtuous in looking down upon what might be termed a more mono-cultural society, then why are they not pressing for mass immigration into, say, all the Middle Eastern, African and Asian nations of the world, so that the distinctive cultural and religious identities of those countries can also be diluted? 

Sadiq Khan has stated that he has set up his special commission regarding statues and memorials in public places “to increase the representation of Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, women, LGTBQ+ people (and) disabled groups”. 

Here we observe the strategy of cultural Marxism in trying to conflate the perceived injustices endured by homosexual people with a view of Britain as being systemically racist. The argument is that the prejudice which homosexuals have had to put up with is the same prejudice endured by ethnic minorities in nasty, bigoted Britain.

Again we see how Britain’s Christian identity is the ultimate target in all of this. The Bible is unequivocally clear on the sinfulness of homosexuality and on the fixed nature of gender as ordained by God, but, we are told, for the nation to become a modern, diverse and inclusive society, it must disregard the teachings of the Christian Scriptures in this important moral area, and must also be ashamed of its historic upholding of those Scriptures. 

Hopefully, we can begin to see the real spiritual dimension in the assault of the cultural Marxists upon all that Britain is as a nation. Part of the ‘embracing diversity’ package is also the notion that unfettered immigration can only ever be good, and that even illegal immigration must not be condemned. The failure to deal with the current crisis of unauthorised entry into the country across the English Channel is precisely because the Government is fearful of offending the liberal mindset of the cultural Marxists.

The Bible’s teaching in contrast is that national borders should be respected, not ignored. A brief example of this teaching is Moses leading the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land, and asking the Edomites and Amorites for permission to travel through their territories (Numbers 20 and 21). He told them that his people would not stray from the main highway, nor touch any crops. He even offered to pay for any water that Israel’s cattle consumed in transit. Moses thus respected the God-ordained boundaries of other nations. 

Rather than the Mayor of London’s ‘Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm’, what Britain needs in the public realm is an acknowledgement of the distinctly Christian foundations of its history and culture. It is the gospel of Christ which has produced all that is best in our nation’s character and identity, because the gospel changes the sinner’s heart in a way that cultural Marxism never could. As the Bible tells us, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” (Psalm 33:12). Diversity is a false god. Britain must put its trust in the one true Trinitarian God who manifests Himself in Jesus Christ”. 

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