OUR SERVICES AND MEETINGS are on Zoom, but we protest that the Government, in our view, has unjustifiably shut us down from meeting physically in the church

Our Sunday services and Wednesday meetings at the moment are via Zoom only, but we hope to resume in church on Sunday December 6th.

We are not by any means convinced that the scientific evidence justifies this removal of our Christian liberty to engage in public worship. Please refer to the letter which the Minister has written to the local MP here , and to this article from the Christian Institute here.

We would also claim the that the arguments set out by the Lockdown Sceptics organisation here are reasonable, fact-based and at least worthy of serious consideration.

Please email revps@icloud.com for the Zoom link for our services at 11.00am and 6.30pm on Sunday 22nd November and our midweek Prayer Meeting and Bible Study on Wednesday 25th at 8pm.

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