BEACONSFIELD WITNESS : Being a good cultural Marxist will prevent no one from coming under God’s eternal wrath

Pastor Peter Simpson was preaching the gospel in Beaconsfield New Town centre on the 19th December, with Mrs Eve Hammond also present to hand out gospel tracts by J. C. Ryle and the special church leaflet on Covid-19 and the providence of God. 

Beaconsfield always tends to be hard-going with many people ignoring the preaching, and this particular day was no exception. One woman walking past the preacher made a point of putting her hand to her ears. 

The preaching included the declaration that adhering to the fashionable cultural Marxism of contemporay thinking will not cause anyone’s sins to be forgiven. Emphasis was placed upon, Proverbs 3:7, 

“Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil”, and also on 1 Timothy 1:15, “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners”. Pastor Simpson also read out Matthew’s account of the the Lord’s birth, explaning that the Lord was given His name ‘Jesus’ precisely because He shall save His people from their sins, the very word Jesus meaning, ‘God saves’. 

May those who heard the preaching in Beaconsfield realise that worldly sophistication will get no one into the kingdom of heaven. 

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