HIGH WYCOMBE WITNESS : Pastor made to give name and address to Police – twice – for alleged homophobic /transphobic remarks.

Pastor Peter Simpson was preaching the gospel in High Wycombe today aided by witnessing members of the congregation at Penn Free Methodist Church. 

One of these helpers, Mrs Outten, had a good conversation with a young man who said that he knew that he was a sinner, but that he was not over-concerned about it. She offered him a free Bible, emphasising how important it was to read it. He said that he would be too busy to do so. Mrs Outten then impressed upon him that nothing was more important than making his peace with God before the coming Day of Judgement.  

Another sceptical passer-by said that he did not need the gospel, because he believed in Nature! This is a classic example of the growing return to ancient paganism in our society manifesting itself in the worship of Mother Earth, and being much fuelled by the ever so fashionable environmentalist/green/climate change movement. 

Another man going past was dismissive of the gospel on the grounds that he believed in evolution. Here is proof, if any were needed, that the rejection of the Genesis account of creation in favour of the hypothesis of Charles Darwin is not about “following the science”, but is all about removing God from any explanation for the world’s origins. 

Sadly, at the end of the witness two uniformed street wardens came up to Pastor Simpson, and asked for his name and address, telling him that he would be committing an offence, if he did not give his details, which would then be passed to the Police. The Minister was told that he had been identified by a member of the public as having expressed hate crime sentiments on a previous occasion in High Wycombe some weeks earlier.

Pastor Simpson was flabbergasted that he had to give his details to Council employees (who presumably have no authority as law-enforcement officials) on the basis of a single individual who did not personally like the preaching. 

Then two Police cars arrived on the scene, and an officer quickly got out of one of them and said that he also needed the Minister’s details, so that he could be interviewed with regard to what he had been saying, not on the previous occasion, but right now that very lunchtime, because there had been a further complaint about inappropriate comments made during the preaching. As no crime had been committed, and there was no citation of any words actually spoken by Pastor Simpson (and so no evidence), and since the Police had not personally witnessed any wrongdoing, one suspects that there was no legal obligation at all to give out personal contact details. Nevertheless, the attitude and demeanour of the Police was such that the Minister felt it wiser to comply, although he is aware that a number of fellow open air preachers would have refused to do so in such circumstances.

Pastor Simpson receiving encouragement from a passing Christian

As to what Pastor Simpson actually did say on both occasions, its was simply a statement, temperately and reasonably delivered, of what is taught in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, along with a declaration that the LGBT agenda, including the redefinition of marriage, represents a rejection of God’s word, the Bible, and the general acceptance in society of the LGBT agenda is indicative of the nation’s profound rebellion against God.

This activity of the Police and Council officials was happening in the context of the Government right now considering making life even more difficult and downright dangerous for Christian preachers by seeking to modify the existing hate crime legislation. The Law Commission is currently running a consultation process on this matter, the consultation closing on Christmas Eve. Please see https://www.spiked-online.com/2020/12/15/the-law-commissions-hate-crime-proposals-must-be-rejected/#.X9heGYgauzs.twitter

May the Lord be pleased to grant us ongoing freedom to proclaim Biblical truth from those who seek to suppress it under the guise of a bogus inclusiveness and tolerance.

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