WELCOME – to our Lord’s Day services on Sunday January 17th 2021

Times : 11.00am and 6.30pm in the church. We also have a midweek fellowship meeting on Wednesday January 20th at 8pm, again in the church. All are welcome.

If you are unable to attend in person at these services in the church, they can also be followed online using Zoom. Please email revps@icloud.com for the Zoom link.

We are thankful that our freedom to engage in the vital task of public worship has not been taken away under the latest lockdown measures. All who attend are courteously requested to wear a face covering and to engage in social distancing measures.

What a wonderful blessing it is to meet together in corporate worship of the one true Trinitarian God who manifests Himself in Jesus Christ. How vital it is for the well-being of the nation that churches are able to provide a focal point of help and strength in the midst of much general fear.

Because Government Covid-19 regulations are very unenthusiastic about corporate singing, we are playing the tunes of hymns and inviting members of the congregation to meditate silently on the words, or else quietly to sing along to the tune in a manner in which there is no projection of the voice.

As we meet, we endeavour at all times, as John Wesley stated, to “stand fast in the good old Bible way”.

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