SLOUGH WITNESS: A nation overwhelmed by fear should be fearing the deadly disease of sin

Pastors Peter Simpson (Penn) and John Sherwood (Wood Green), along with Mr. Graham Parkhouse from Epsom, were preaching the gospel in Slough High Street today.  

A man came up to Pastor Simpson and expressed a total scepticism regarding the message being preached, and saying that the only reliable place of resort and help was ‘the weed’ or ‘skunk’, referring of course to the use of drugs. He then related a serious medical condition which he had, which was not related to drug-taking. The minister said that he would pray for him regarding that. The man became less hostile, as the conversation continued, and was willing finally to receive an evangelistic tract based on the parable of the prodigal son. May the Lord speak to him through it.  

Also being handed out was a tract entitled, ‘Pandemic – What is God saying to the Nation?’, which includes the following paragraph : “How we need to humble ourselves at a time like this, for we are a nation which for many decades now has failed to honour God, thinking that in our fashionable progressiveness we can abandon the teachings of the Bible. Legislation has been introduced, for example, which is in outright, fist-shaking defiance of God’s word”. 

Pastor Simpson spoke much on the sad contrast between the great fear in the country concerning Covid-19, but there being no fear of the greatest disease of all, namely sin, which infects every human heart and which has a 100% mortality  rate, unless repented of.   

Mr Parkhouse spoke on the historical reality of the Flood in the days of Noah, and its being a fearful judgement of God upon a rebellious world, and then highlighting the need for our own generation to heed God’s warnings of judgement, just as Noah once did. 

A number of passers-by came up to the preachers to offer words of encouragement and to express gratitude for their presence. May the Lord work in the hearts of many of the hearers a deep realisation and conviction that the primary problem facing the nation (and indeed the world at this time) is not what they think it is, nor what the media are telling them that it is, but rather the pride and rebellion in the hearts of men, who foolishly think that they can exist and get through life without any reference to their Maker.

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