HIGH WYCOMBE WITNESS : Atheist tells preacher, You have no right to be delivering your message in public

Pastors John Sherwood and Peter Simpson were preaching the gospel in High Wycombe on April 1st, aided by three ladies from the church, who handed out tracts and engaged in conversations with passers-by.

An encouraging number of leaflets was accepted. One gentleman told one of these helpers, Mrs Hammond, that the preaching had actually made him begin thinking seriously about spiritual matters, and he was happy to take a tract on the prodigal son and one on Covid-19, entitled, What is God saying to the nation? 

Pastor Simpson read out a portion of Luke 23 concerning the Lord’s death, and declared that the death of Christ is the most significant event in all human history, because it deals with man’s most fundamental problem, the problem of sin, which effects every single human being. Each one is under God’s wrath, and so the Lord Jesus Christ warns all, “Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish” (Luke 13:3).

There were many schoolchildren walking through the town centre, and so this afforded a good opportunity to challenge them with the significance of the Easter season. Pastor Simpson asked one group of about six, Do you think that you are good people?, because God says that no one is good, for all have hopelessly broken God’s commandments. 

A couple of passing atheists took exception to the preaching, with one asking the Penn minister to lower his voice. The preacher replied that the message was so important that it needed to be proclaimed from the housetops. The atheist retorted that the preacher had no right to be engaged in a public proclamation, implying that it was only appropriate for the inside of a church. Pastor Simpson responded that the gospel of Jesus Christ crucified and risen is the nation’s only hope and must never be hidden away. 

Many many who heard in High Wycombe upon this day begin to think seriously about their standing as sinners before the all-holy God, and might they begin to tremble and seek refuge in the Lord Jesus Christ.  

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