BEACONSFIELD WITNESS – Passing motorists presented with Acts 4:12 and the message of no salvation but in Christ

Pastor Peter Simpson, helped by Mrs Eve Hammond, preached the gospel in Beaconsfield New Town on Easter Saturday morning, standing near to the Waitrose supermarket. 

There was a sense of there prevailing much indifference to the declaration of Jesus Christ, crucified and risen. Some literature was thankfully received, but not as much as one would have wished. However, the presence of the witnessing Christians was definitely noticed and people heard the word of God. At one point  the Minister read out the account of the resurrection  in Luke’s Gospel. Oh that people might realise the enormous privilege of having the Scriptures proclaimed in the public places. Where this is possible, there is still hope for a nation.

At one point Pastor Simpson went over to the road and held up a poster for the slow passing traffic to read. The text was Acts 4:12 concerning the uniqueness of the Lord Jesus Christ and His salvation, “For there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved”. 

May those who heard, despite their apparent indifference, think seriously about their innate sinfulness and abut the only remedy, namely a flight into the arms of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. 

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