CAN PRAYER CHANGE HISTORY? In 2017 two highly acclaimed films were released about the early stages of WW2, ‘Dunkirk’ and ‘Darkest Hour’. What vital fact of history did both films leave out?

Both films made no mention of a most crucial factor at the time of the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940, namely the national day of prayer called for by the King on May 26th. This nation-wide crying out to God for help led to an unfolding of events which many subsequently described as nothing less than miraculous.

DUNKIRK 1940 (HU 41241) Three of the armada of ‘little ships’ which brought the men of the BEF from the shores in and around Dunkirk, to the safety of British warships and other vessels. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:

Altogether, there were 12 national days of prayer held in Britain during World War Two. The Minister of Penn Free Methodist Church has just published a new book featuring these days of prayer, and focusing on the outworking of God’s providence during the war years. The book is entitled,


What do these occasions of a nationwide turning to God teach us about the spiritual state of Britain during World War Two? How strong was true Bible-believing Christianity? What was the effect of the days of prayer on the actual progress of the war? What do the events of World War Two teach us about the providence of God and His control over the affairs of nations?

Drawing upon local newspaper reports, Pastor Simpson endeavours to trace the spiritual temperature of Britain during these years of conflict, and to apply the vital lessons to our own day.   

Pastor Peter Simpson, who is a history graduate of the University of London, has been the Minister at Penn since 1990. He lays particular emphasis in his ministry upon open air gospel preaching as the primary means of imparting Christian truth to a God-rejecting nation. The gospel of Jesus Christ crucified for sinners is without any dispute Britain’s only hope.

DUNKIRK 26-29 MAY 1940 (NYP 68075) British troops line up on the beach at Dunkirk to await evacuation. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:


Small paperback, 156 pages.

Price : £4.75 . Price inc. p&p £6.75, mailed anywhere in the UK

Any proceeds after cost to Penn Free Methodist Church, Registered Charity no. 1138169


To obtain a copy, please email Mrs J. Langston ( with your name and address. Payment of £6.75 can kindly be made directly into the following Bank account. Please advise Mrs Langston that payment has been made :

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