HIGH WYCOMBE WITNESS : Non-Christian, Why have the churches not given the nation any spiritual leadership over Covid-19?

Pastors John Sherwood and Peter Simpson were preaching the gospel in High Wycombe on Thursday April 15th, aided by three faithful lady helpers from the church. 

The witnessing sisters entered into some useful conversations with passers-by. Evangelistic leaflets were handed out, one on the providence of God in respect of Covid-19, and the other on the parable of the prodigal son.

One passing lady was very dismissive, as Pastor Simpson was preaching, and so he called out to her, “This message is absolutely vital. Do you not want your sins forgiven?” She responded that she had no sins. One wonders upon what basis she made that proud and untruthful assumption? Would it have been because she conformed to the fashionable philosophy of cultural Marxism, as  propagated by the media, the politicians and the nation’s institutions. On the Day of Judgement, however, having conformed to this world’s wisdom will not avail one jot. 

Another lady told those witnessing that she was not religious, but that she was shocked at how little the churches had provided spiritual leadership to the nation during the problems of the past year in respect of Covid-19, more or less hiding away and saying very little. She was told that the church at Penn was open for in-person worship, and that it had been for a long time. The church has also produced many online articles on the coronavirus and how to respond as a Christian. One of the helpers, Mrs Outten, informed the lady how many ministers had lobbied the PM about the essential nature of Christian worship, and of the urgent need for its continuance. 

The unbelieving lady was handed the specially prepared tract on Covid-19, which includes a call on the nation to stop putting its trust in the State and the State’s institutions and scientists to solve all problems, but rather to humble itself before the Lord Jesus Christ, He who by His earthly ministry showed that he has power over all disease.  

This lady’s comments were interesting in that they show that even non-Christians expect the churches to be at the forefront of national life and speaking out on the burning issues of the day. May the Lord help us who belong to churches which believe the Scriptures to go forth with much courage into the public places of concourse to declare the gospel of salvation and to apply the truths of Scripture to the great matters of our time, and also to challenge governments, where that is necessary. 

Prayer is now being offered up that real fruit may come from this High Wycombe witness, with hearers being convicted of sin, and thinking more seriously about their need to flee to the only Saviour of sinners without further delay.

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