SLOUGH WITNESS : Sceptic and believer in aliens told that the Bible’s 66 books, and not the Apocrypha, are God’s revealed truth

Pastors John Sherwood and Peter Simpson were preaching the gospel in Slough High Street on Tuesday (April 13th), helped by Mrs Eve Hammond and Mr Chrisden de Souza. There were large numbers of people walking past because of the reopening of the shops after lockdown. Large numbers of evangelistic leaflets were received by members of the public. 

A Muslim gentleman told Mrs Hammond that we all worship the same God, but our sister responded that the God whom Christians worship has manifested Himself to the world in His Son. The Muslim then strongly denied the Lord’s deity, but we are reminded of His words in John 5:23, “All men should honour the Son, even as they honour the Father. He that honoureth not the Son honoureth not the Father which hath sent him” (John 5:23).

Mrs Hammond was asked by a passing man to ask God why He had allowed him to suffer so much in his life. The witnessing octogenarian graciously replied that it would be far better for the gentleman to ask the Lord himself. In other words, she was explaining to him that it was his duty personally to seek the Lord and enquire of Him. The Bible teaches the priesthood of all believers. It is not God’s will that people have earthly intermediaries to do their praying for them. Because there is a heavenly Mediator and High Priest in the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ, no other priests or intermediaries are needed. Anyone may pray directly and personally to the Father through Christ.  

Another important factor to be considered in this man’s question, as much as one may sympathise with his trials and difficulties, is that faith in God can never be conditional upon a person’s life being free from problems. Such a notion is to demean God and to treat Him as being some kind of errand boy for sinful men.  

Pastor Sherwood preached powerfully on the need for people in the current national situation of much anxiety over health issues to turn to the Lord and to trust Him, and not to place all their trust in the fruits of medical research, as being the nation’s only possible saviour. 

One man had a lengthy conversation with Pastor Simpson, arguing that the book of Enoch (in the Apocrypha) contradicted much of the Bible and proved it the Bible to be in error. In any case, he argued, the Bible was just written by men.  

Pastor Simpson replied that the Book of Enoch was not part of God’s inspired Word (nor was it written by the Biblical Enoch who was translated into heaven without dying). It is not one of the 66 books which are in the canon of Scripture. Yes, the Bible is indeed written by men, but they were directly inspired by the Holy Spirit to do so. Therefore, all that Moses, for example, wrote in the first five books of the Bible is given to us by the Spirit of Christ, and is utterly true. 

The man also rejected the accuracy of the Genesis account of creation, believed in an earth billions of years old, and argued that there must be intelligent life in other parts of the universe. The Penn Pastor told him that the world was just around 6,000 years old, and that the Lord Jesus Christ believed in the absolute authority and inerrancy of the Old Testament Scriptures, frequently prefacing His statements with the words, “It is written”. May the Lord cause this man, who believes in the existence of non-earthly aliens, to submit to the truth of Scripture, and not man-made philosophical sources. 

May many who heard in Slough upon this day likewise realise the truth of God’s word, and come in repentance and faith to the Lord Jesus Christ. 

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