UXBRIDGE WITNESS : London Mayoral candidate gives full support to right of Christian preachers to declare Biblical truth in public

Pastor Peter Simpson was preaching the gospel in the centre of Uxbridge on 5th May, at the same location at which Pastor John Sherwood was shamefully and unnecessarily arrested by the Police some two weeks earlier. He was helped by Mrs Eve Hammond, Mr Chrisden de Souza and Mrs Patricia Newman. 

The preaching referred much to how Britain was a nation which had departed from its precious Christian foundations. There were sadly some hostile responses to the preaching from passing atheists.

A man who said that he was ‘gay’ made a vulgar gesture to the preacher, even though the preaching was not focusing on the homosexuality issue at all (merely a brief reference to Parliament’s fashion-following redefinition of marriage). Pastor Simpson responded by suggesting that he had already won the argument, if the gesture was the only response that could be mustered against the proclamation of Biblical truth.

By arrangement, Pastor Simpson met up during the witness with Mr David Kurten, leader of the Heritage Party and candidate for London Mayor at the elections to be held the very next day. Mr Kurten gave a short speech giving his full support to the free speech of Christians to declare Biblical truth in the public square, without fear of apprehension from the authorities because the demands of trendy ‘woke’ orthodoxy are not being adhered to. 

We are very grateful to have the support of an active politician (Mr Kurten is also a member of the London Assembly – it is  not yet known if he has retained his seat at this latest election) in this way following the arrest of Pastor Sherwood for upholding Biblical truth. 

Prayer is being offered up that many who heard the gospel in Uxbridge will come to the unique Saviour of sinners, the Lord Jesus Christ, whilst there is time.