NEW SCOTLAND YARD : Christians protest at Met Police HQ over Pastor Sherwood’s arrest

Britain has become a country with a frightening intolerance of Biblical Christianity. 

It is a nation where a Christian such as Richard Page can be thrown off the magistrates’ bench and an NHS Trust for asserting that, in respect of adoption policies, it is better that a child be brought up by a mother and a father. It is a nation where a school chaplain such as Dr Bernard Randall, even though working at an independent school with a Christian ethos, can be sacked for stating to his pupils, “You do not have to accept the ideas and ideologies of LGBT activists”.

Britain is a nation where a 71 year old and highly experienced Christian pastor such as John Sherwood can be arrested and held overnight in a police cell for preaching in the open air a sermon upholding Biblical morality and the God-ordained family unit, and thereby daring to disagree with mainstream pro-LGBT orthodoxy.

On Wednesday of this week a group of Bible-believing Christians gathered outside of New Scotland Yard, the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police, to protest about Pastor Sherwood’s arrest in Uxbridge on April 23rd. The event was arranged by the Protestant Truth Society. Various speakers, including Pastor Simpson of Penn Free Methodist Church, explained how Christian freedoms are under serious assault in modern Britain, and they made very clear their shock and abhorrence at what took place in Uxbridge. 

Whilst the Christian gospel begins with the assertion that “all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23), it is also the duty of Christian ministers to refer to the prevailing sins of any one generation. Britain is undergoing an obsessive campaign by the woke establishment to promote an overtly pro-LGBT agenda in all aspects of national life. Our politicians must be challenged on this, because the gay rights movement is having enormous influence in our schools, and is succeeding in moulding a whole generation in a distinctly anti-Christian direction in matters of sexual morality and gender. 

Pastor Simpson stated after the witness that, as an open air preacher, he can personally testify to the distressing experience of debates with teenage schoolchildren, whom one finds to be so well versed and eloquent in defending the homosexual lifestyle. (These same children are also vociferous in their defence of abortion). The tragedy is that they have probably been taught very little about this nation’s Christian history and heritage, nor about the enormous benefit which the faith of the Scriptures has brought to the nation.   

Sadly, the Police are very much a part of the establishment’s pro-LGBT obsession. For many years the Metropolitan Police have been fulsome in their support of the ‘Pride London’ parades, with officers in uniform openly marching in them. These Pride celebrations are very much an aspect of the campaigning activism of the gay rights movement. They therefore have a political purpose, rendering Police identification with them to be wholly inappropriate. 

Accordingly, one of the clear messages delivered outside of New Scotland Yard on London’s Victoria Embankment on Wednesday was that the Met’s high-profile participation in ‘Pride London’ events has completely undermined their need to maintain a necessary impartiality, and not least of all, in the context of dealing with Christian preachers who endeavour, in a perfectly reasonable manner, to uphold Biblical morality in the public square.    

The point was also made at the protest that, as well as being sent on politically correct diversity courses, police officers need some instruction in this country’s religious history. They need to be taught that open air preaching is an intrinsic part of Britain’s culture and identity. It has literally had a history-changing effect upon the nation, not least in the 18th century, when it was a key factor in saving the country from a violent French-style revolution, as even secular historians are willing to testify. 

A nation which clamps down on the public proclamation of the Christian Scriptures will be a nation which is losing its liberties generally. 

So far, since April 23rd, the Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards are maintaining that nothing amiss took place in respect of Pastor Sherwood’s arrest. We courteously advise those in positions of influence in our capital’s police force to start focusing a little more on this nation’s Christian identity, and indeed constitution. They should also reflect upon the historical reality that it was Bible-believing Christians who were the driving force behind the development of our whole system of parliamentary democracy. 

As one of the posters on display on Wednesday stated, “It is not the task of the Police to promote cultural Marxism. They must respect Britain’s Christian heritage”.