SLOUGH WITNESS : Passing Christian joyfully testifies to awareness of God’s presence as the gospel is preached

Pastors John Sherwood and Peter Simpson were preaching the  gospel in Slough High Street on May 25th. It was an encouraging time of witness, and was supported by helpers Mr Chrisden de Souza and Mrs Eve Hammond. 

Mrs Hammond entered into some useful coversations with passers-by. As she handed an evangelistic tract to one man, the man’s friend, and who possibly had some kind of senior position in relation to him, immediatey told him to hand the tract back, saying that no one was interested in the preaching or the literature. Both men appeared to be adherants of a non-Christian religion. The witnessing sister was quite shocked by this attempt to prevent someone from even being briefly exposed to the gospel message.  

At one point a Christian believer who was listening to the proclamation of God’s word said to Pastor Sherwood that he really felt the presence of God at work in the preaching. He was with another man who was not a believer, and prayer is being offered up that the Holy Spirit would indeed work within this second man’s heart in convicting power, and indeed in the hearts of all who heard the message of salvation through faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ. 

A brief clip of Pastor Simpson preaching