SLOUGH WITNESS : Strong challenge to the arrogance of atheism

Pastors Peter Simpson and John Sherwood, and Mr Graham Parkhouse from Epsom  were preaching the gospel in Slough on July 27th. 

Pastor Sherwood was much encouraged by a gentleman working in one of the shops in the high street saying that, whilst he was formerly a Hindu, he had now come to a saving faith in  the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Mr. Parkhouse preached on the magnificence of our world which at the same time is flawed by pain, decay and death, a world that has been created good by God, yet which has been so damaged by man’s sin. The only remedy is for men to seek God’s salvation in Jesus Christ, the unique Saviour, the only one without sin, who not only shows us God’s holy nature, but who came to pay the penalty for the sins of mankind.

An ex-military man showed much interest in Pastor Simpson’s book, ‘When a Nation Prays’, and he took 2 copies from the book table, saying that he would love to see it distributed amongst the soldiers at the nearby Windsor barracks. The book focuses on the 12 national days of prayer held during World War Two, and on how the Lord answered the prayers of a people who humbled themselves before Him. 

As Pastor Sherwood was preaching, a young man shouted out, ‘There is no God’. The preacher then pointed out the arrogance of such a statement, because it is actually a claim to be wiser than God, and it is also a claim to omniscience, which of course is a characteristic that only God possesses. If someone can categorically state that God does not exist, then he must indeed be all-knowing. Sadly, the man did not linger to argue through Pastor Sherwood’s response to his statement.   

Nevertheless, it is prayerfully hoped that he and many others who heard Biblical  truth being proclaimed in Slough might be humbled by the convicting power of the Holy Spirit to see that their rejection off their Maker is in fact an act of foolish arrogance which will only ultimately to a total fall and humiliation.   

Pastor Simpson preaching