UXBRIDGE WITNESS : Strong atheistic and Muslim rejection of Biblical truth, but God’s word is proclaimed

We report once more on a further session of gospel preaching in Uxbridge town centre by Pastors John Sherwood and Peter Simpson *. Also present were some helpers from the more immediate Uxbridge area, and Mrs Newman and Mrs Hammond from Penn. Mrs Hammond rejoiced in the large numbers of tracts which were handed out. 

Mrs Newman entered into conversation with a Roman Catholic gentleman, upon whom she impressed the truth that the Bible is our sole authority in determining all doctrinal matters, not the traditions and teachings of the Church. She also discussed with him the necessity of the new birth. He thought that he would probably end up in purgatory when he died, but the witnessing sister informed him that there is no such place, but that this is merely an unscriptural doctrine which is sadly taught by the R.C. Church. 

A passing atheist rejected the message of the witnessing Christians as utterly irrelevant, because ‘science’ is the basis of all truth, and the Bible certainly cannot meet with the plain testimony of science against it. Pastor Simpson told the atheist that there is no incompatibility whatsoever between the Biblical revelation and science, citing the fossil record in the earth’s geological strata as being currently observable evidence of the historical reality of the  Flood, whereby millions of living creatures suddenly died. 

The atheist practically fell over laughing when the Preacher told him that the earth was only around 6,000 years old. He evidently felt that to hold such a position was akin to lunacy, but the Penn minister told him that evolutionary notions actually failed to adhere to the basic yardstick of the scientific method, in that development from a single cell to complex humans, via many animals, over millions of years has never actually been observed, tested and repeated by any scientist at all. What scientist was living millions of years ago enabling him to observe any stage of this  evolutionary process which we are told is irrefutable truth? 

Pastor Simpson spoke with a Kurdish Muslim man, who was forthright in declaring that Jesus was only a prophet, and could not be God, because there is only one God, Allah. Jesus got tired and underwent all the usual human everyday experiences and bodily functions, and so could not possibly be God, he argued. The truth of course is that the eternal God condescended to become one of us, and partake of our nature, precisely in order to represent us before His heavenly Father, that men might be saved through Him. Pastor Simpson told the Muslim that the Lord’s deity is demonstrated in His healing of the sick  and His forgiving of sin in His own authority. 

The Muslim also strongly asserted that the Bible was a corrupted book and so could not be trusted. This falsehood about the Bible’s unreliability is continually being taught to Muslims by their imams. However, for them to assert this in fact constitutes a denial of the Koran’s own teaching, which not only affirms Allah’s inspiration of the Christians’ ‘Law’ and ‘Gospel’, but which also affirms their preservation by Allah. Thus we read in Surah 18:27 that no one can change Allah’s words :

“And recite (and teach) what has been revealed to thee of the Book of thy Lord : none can change his words”. 

In Surah 7:157, the Koran states, “Those who follow the Messenger, the unlettered Prophet, whom they find mentioned in their own (Scriptures) – in the Law and the Gospel”. Here the Koran teaches that the New Testament actually refers to the coming of Mohammed. So centuries after our Lord’s ascension, the Koran is saying that the Bible refers to Mohammed, most notably in John 14:16 (this reference to the Comforter of course means the Holy Spirit). 

However, if the New Testament can be relied upon to speak of Mohammed’s coming, as Muslims claim, how can it at the same time be hopelessly corrupted, which Muslims also claim?  This is surely a contradiction;  and when exactly is the Bible supposed to have become corrupted? It has the same text in the first century AD as in the sixth century AD, when Mohammed lived. 

Sadly, nothing which Pastor Simpson said seemed to make the Muslim question his position, but may the Holy Spirit yet work upon his heart, and indeed on the hearts of many others who heard a word of gospel truth in Uxbridge upon this day.  

*(October 15th 2021)