UXBRIDGE WITNESS : Young people challenged over sinfulness of drug-taking and watching pornography

Pastors Peter Simpson and John Sherwood were preaching the gospel in Uxbridge on December 10th on what was a very cold day. 

Although there was loud amplified music coming from a nearby market stall, the preachers took their stand and “lifted up their voices” (Acts 2:14). Pastor Simpson preached from Ezekiel 18:31, “Cast away from you all your transgressions, whereby ye have transgressed; and make you a new heart and a new spirit: for why will ye die?”. The urgency of each individual  making their peace God through faith was emphasised. Why did the Child of Bethlehem come down from the glories of heaven? Let the apostle Paul answer, “This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners” (1 Timothy 1:15). 

The preacher explained that the Lord Jesus Christ did not  come down to earth to carry out the tasks of a social worker or to be a fashionable social justice warrior, but He came as the unique Saviour of sinners. Men are dead in trespasses and sins, and only Christ can remove their condemnation. The child in the stable at Bethlehem is none other than the eternal Creator God manifested in human form.  

Then passers-by were warned that God is a God of justice who cannot overlook sin. Sin is the most dangerous of all viruses. Modern Britain is full of fear, fear over health issues, fear over climate change, but the Lord Jesus Christ is He who removes fear, He who controls all viruses, and He who determines the course of the earth’s climate. 

Some young people walking by were challenged by Pastor Simpson, Are you a good person? Sadly, they felt that thet were good. They were encouraged to examine their lives in the light of God’s commandments. One of them admitted to taking drugs, at which Pastor Simpson told him that he was exposing himself to demonic activity by doing so, because the Greek word for witchcraft in the New Testament is ‘pharmakeia’, from which we obtain the English word ‘pharmacy’. Whilst of course many drugs can be used very beneficially for medical reasons, those which deliberately change a person’s state of consciousness are facilitating an exposure to the work of evil spirits, because, historically, certain drugs have been used by occultic practitioners to further their aims. 

One young person then asked, How do you that Jesus Christ exists, or ever did exist? He was told that the Lord Jesus lives in our hearts, and that there is ample historical documentary evidence for His existence. A young Muslim then claimed that Jesus was just a prophet. Pastor Sherwood told him that hew as the eternal  Son of God. He was also told that good works can never get anyone to heaven. Only the blood of Christ can take away the guilt of sin. 

Pastor Simpson asked the young people if they have ever watched pornography. The reply came back, Of course! The assumption was that this was normal activity. There was no sense that to do so was sinful. The young man could not see that his claim to be good was invalidated by his happy succumbing to the son of fornication. O how he needs the Holy Spirit to bring conviction upon him and show his true condition. 

Indeed, may the Holy Spirit cause many who heard the gospel in Uxbridge to come under deep conviction of their sinfulness, so that they then see their need to flee to the only Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Sherwood preaching