SLOUGH WITNESS: Challenge issued – in a motivation of love – with the stark reality of Psalm 5:5 and the desperate plight of those who do not repent

Pastors Peter Simpson and John Sherwood were preaching the gospel in Slough High Street on January 18, helped by Mrs Lesley Pilkington.

A man walked by and said to the preachers, I have often seen you here and I have looked the other way and I’ve completely ignored what you are saying. However I have had a change of heart and whilst I do not necessarily agree with what you say, I really do admire you for keeping coming here and preaching. 

Following this encouraging remark, Pastor Sherwood endeavoured to explain the gospel to the man, and prayer is now being offered up that the word of God might begin to convict him and draw him to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Another man came past who often makes sarcastic comments to the witnessing Christians. As the preaching focused on the glory which is to come for those who have repented of sin and trusted in Christ, the man retorted that the only real glory which mattered was England winning the World Cup in 1966. Whilst of course he was just endeavouring to ‘wind up’ the preachers, Pastor Simpson tried to use the comment to good affect, and replied that even famous footballers end up in the grave and have to give an account to their Maker. Name any one of the players in that triumphant team in 1966 : However good at football he might have been, he is not able to save anyone from their sins. Only the Lord Jesus Christ can bring the sinner to glory. This incdent reminds us how sport in our modrn day can easily become an idol and a religion.  

Pastor Simpson entered into conversation with a young man who appeared somewhat impatient with the message. He declared that he does not want to spend all his life repenting of his sins; he just wants to get on with living. He also claimed that turning to Christ did not work anyway. Pastor Simpson gently responded that to say such a thing was a blasphemous statement, and he challenged the young man to consider whether or not he had salvation and eternal life. The man responded that it was not an issue which concerns him and that there was no urgency about considering the issue. However none of us knows how long we have upon this earth. Sadly, the young man rejected the evangelistic leaflet handed to him and walked away. May the Lord open his eyes to see the urgency of coming to the Saviour, no matter what stage of life he might be at.

Referring to Psalm five and verse five, Pastor Simpson at one point warned the passers-by that God actually hates the sinner who does not repent : 

“The foolish shall not stand in thy sight: thou hatest all workers of iniquity”. 

Yes, the Lord reaches out to the sinner in mercy, but He actually hates those who refuse to repent with a perfect holy and just hatred. In man hatred usually degenerates into sin, but with God it is always pure and holy and based on justice. Yet at the same time He is not willing that any should perish, if only they acknowledge their sin and flee to the Saviour for help.

May many who heard the glorious message of salvation in Slough realise the urgency of fleeing to the Lord Jesus Christ, before it is too late.