UXBRIDGE : Pastor told that he is evil for gently upholding Biblical morality on LGBT issues

Pastors Peter Simpson and John Sherwood were preaching the gospel in the centre of Uxbridge outside of the Underground  station on April 29th, with various lady helpers also in attendance. 

Conversation was entered into with two teenage girls, and the subject soon got onto LGBT matters. It was explained to one of the girls, who was obviously very open to the LGBT lifestyle, that God had designed her to be feminine and may well desire her to get married and have children as being for her a source of true fulfilment and happiness under God. It was also gently explained to her that same-sex relations are according to the Bible country to nature. 

The amazing success of militant gay rights activism in transforming the way most of society thinks was very evident upon this day as there were further conversations on all things LGBT. 

It seems that acceptance of the LGBT lifestyle has become the yardstick of common decency in modern Britain, making this whole matter into far more than just a single issue. Rather, the LGBT movement seems to be a catalyst for a general assault upon our Christian civilisation, undermining, as it does, the creation ordinances of male and female, the institution of marriage, and the very nature what we are as human beings. 

It is tragic that so many churches appear to be succumbing to the world’s pressure in this particular area, despite the Biblical injunction, “Be not conformed to this world”, as laid down in Romans 12:2.

Mrs Pilkington tried to show concern for, and give help to, one pro-LGBT girl whose past experiences had created difficulties for her in embracing Christian truth. 

One lady took issue with Pastor Simpson as he was preaching, because, as she explained, her own son is homosexual and suffers from gender dysphoria. 

Pastor Simpson courteously endeavoured to show the lady that God does not make mistakes, when He fixes the gender of every single human being.

As part of the Christian witness there was a poster on display which made the point, which is simply a statement of fact, that the promotion of the LBGT agenda in schools is a direct result of the nation having abandoned the authority of the Bible. 

Presumably on the grounds of this poster, and perhaps the minister’s brief comment that marriage can only be between a man and a woman, another man walked by and told Pastor Simpson, as he was preaching, that he was evil. 

This shows what a desperate state modern Britain is in. To point  out the Bible’s moral teaching on LGBT matters, and to gently assert that homosexuality should not be promoted in schools, are, it seems, the acts of an evil person in today’s society where cultural Marxism reigns supreme.

The same poster also referred to abortion as being a negative consequence of society rejecting the authority of God’s word. Pastor Sherwood tried to deal with the pro-abortion arguments put to him by some bystanders. The argument was that abortion was necessary in the matter of rape. This ‘special’ case argument is constantly used as a general justification for the tragic practice of destroying life in the human womb, even though in the vast majority of cases rape is never in fact the reason for the abortion. 

Pastor Sherwood politely told one pro abortion girl that if she herself had been aborted she would not know be present in Uxbridge in order to debate the issue of abortion. It is hoped that this simple logic might speak to the girl’s heart.

Only a few minutes after the witness had begun, as Pastor Sherwood was preaching, two police officers came up to enquire about what was taking place. Pastor Simpson was asked if permission had been granted by the council to engage in this public activity. The minister responded that no such permission was needed, as the witness was located on the public highway, and was not on council property. 

One of the officers told Pastor Simpson about the need not to create any disorder, and the minister responded that there are of course always people who disagree with the preaching, but conversely there are people who come up to us and thank us for being present. Thankfully, the police did not pursue the issue, and were polite. They were advised that preaching regularly took place at the same location (they did not seem to realise this). 

However, one of the officers did take a photograph of the poster which, by God’s grace, was stimulating much conversation with passers-by. The officer presumably thought that there might be a problem with displaying it from a public order point of view. 

The same officer also asked for a copy of the leaflet which Pastor Simpson was handing out. This was again presumably to check whether there was anything deemed to be ‘unacceptable’ in its contents (unacceptable of course in terms of a God-rejecting society’s political correctness). The leaflet focuses on the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. May it speak to the officer’s heart.

Indeed, may many others who heard the gospel in Uxbridge upon this day come see that they are spiritually dead, as the leaflet asserts, and may they be convinced of their urgent need to be raised up to new life in Christ, as they repent of their sin and trust in Him.