UXBRIDGE : Stop worrying – the climate has been changing since the beginning of time, because it is God who changes it

Pastors Peter Simpson, John Sherwood, and Stephen Clayden were proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ crucified for sinners in the centre of Uxbridge on May 27th. Pastor Clayden, from Clacton in Essex, joined the other two ministers for the first time, and it was joy to have fellowship with him.

Mrs Pilkington also spoke to a Muslim schoolgirl, who said that she knew about Christianity from her school studies and was very interested in all religions. They talked about the desperate state of our nation and how it has turned its back on God, and she agreed with the witnessing sister about the nature of the social ills which the rejection of God’s authority has brought about.

Mrs Pilkington of course also set out the gospel message and spoke of the reality of hell. She explained how the believer in Christ receives the Holy Spirit as a foretaste and pledge of everlasting life. The Muslim girl seemed very encouraged by this and and willing to receive a gospel of John and an evangelistic tract. She said that she would like to speak again on a future occasion.

Mrs Pilkington also had a conversation with a man sitting with other male friends outside of a nearby pub, all of whom seemed to be quite hostile to the preaching. One of them did not wish to hear anything about God on the grounds that he had lost his wife to a serious illness. The witnessing sister was obviously sympathetic about this and tried to speak on the whole matter of why does God allow suffering, but the man sadly did not wish to.

At one stage 4 police officers came up to Pastor Sherwood to ask him to ‘tone down’ his preaching. It is believed that this was more to do with the volume rather than any content. The men sitting outside of the pub cheered when the police approached the preacher to ask this, giving the impression that they would have been very happy, if he had been immediately silenced.

Mrs Newman had a profitable conversation with 3 muslim girls aged around 16 or 17. She started by asking them whether they knew Jesus. Two of them replied: “Yes, He is our prophet” She then asked them, “But do you really know Him?”

It was explained to them how the Lord Jesus is the eternal Son of God who gave His life on the Cross to atone for the sins of mankind, and that there is no other Saviour. All must come to God the Father through Him. No good works performed by mere sinners can ever make them acceptable to the all holy God.

By God’s grace, the Muslim girls all listened with rapt attention, as they were told about the necessity of repentance from sin and faith in Christ. They took a number of tracts and one of them said to Mrs Newman, “Your devotion to your faith is very beautiful”.

Pastor Simpson and Pastor Clayden had an interesting conversation with a young woman who queried the the poster on display which asserted that one of the fruits of the nation abandoning the Bible is unnecessary fear over climate change.

It was explained to the woman that God controls the climate, and fossil fuels are a wonderful blessing to mankind for which we thank God. Pastor Simpson stated how the climate has been changing since the beginning of time, and there is a wonderful promise in Genesis 8:22 that the recurring seasons and varying temperatures will always be with us until the Lord Jesus Christ returns.

The subject of abortion was also discussed. It was carefully pointed out that this practice constitutes a destruction of life which God himself has brought into being. Therefore, it is an attack upon God’s providence as well as being a flouting of the sixth commandment.

The young woman is not a believer, but it is hoped that this discussion about God as the Author of life and as the sustainer of the physical world which He made will start making her think seriously about her own relationship to Him.

May the Lord work powerfully upon all who heard precious gospel truths in Uxbridge upon this day.