WELCOME to our gatherings on Sunday June 26th at 11am and 6.30pm and on Wednesday June 29th at 8.00pm

The Wednesday meeting is for prayer and Bible study.

It is so essential that Christians physically meet with one another. Our freedom to engage in the vital task of public worship must never be taken away by the State. Viruses are an aspect of life in a fallen world, and will never be eradicated. We must learn to live with them, just as previous generations have always done.

Let us never forget the wonderful blessing and enormous privilege of meeting together in corporate worship of the one true Trinitarian God, He who manifests Himself in the Lord Jesus Christ. Indeed, we are commanded in Scripture to meet together. How essential it is for the well-being of the nation that churches are always open and functioning, so that believers are able to gather in person, thus providing a focal point of help and strength in the midst of the generally anti-Christian climate which is modern Britain.

(If any are unable to attend in person at our services, they can be followed online using Zoom. Please email revps@icloud.com for the Zoom link).

As we meet, we endeavour at all times, as John Wesley stated, to “stand fast in the good old Bible way”.