UXBRIDGE : Gospel conversations with young Muslims

Pastors John Sherwood and Peter Simpson were proclaiming Jesus Christ and Him crucified in the centre of Uxbridge on June 10th, helped by Mrs Lesley Pilkington and two or three local believers who came in support.

A man who strangely claimed to be a Christian walked by full of anger at the preaching and using foul language to express his anger. He stated that the preachers should not be in the town doing what they were doing. Pastor Simpson responded that it was essential that people knew about the Lord Jesus Christ. He also pointed out that the angry man’s words possessed nothing reasonable about them and could not remotely constitute any kind of valid argument against the Christian faith.

Three schoolgirls holding LGBT flags entered into conversation with Mrs Pilkington. Two of them were Muslims; the other stated that she was a lapsed Christian. It sadly became apparent that the girls were generally very ‘woke’, and were very pro-the climate change agenda. How the culturally Marxist establishment is fashioning so many young peoples minds in such an unhealthy way. The climate of course has been changing throughout human history, and people need to submit to the Trinitarian God who controls the climate. 

The witnessing sister sadly felt that she did not make too much progress in her conversation with the girls, but may the Holy Spirit work upon their hearts, as they subsequently think about what was said.

Mrs Pilkington also had a constructive conversation with another three girls, two again were Muslims and one was Hindu. She explained that the Lord Jesus Christ is both fully man and fully God and that all people are sinners and urgently need to come to Christ for salvation.

Mrs Pilkington also referred to the fact that we are all creatures of God, literally put together by Hm, and made precisely for fellowship with Him. It is hoped that this conversation will lead to some serious thought amongst these girls.

Pastor Simpson entered into conversation with some Muslim schoolboys who questioned the Bible’s reliability. At this stage of the witness a friend originally from Iran had joined the brethren, himself being a convert from Islam.

When he was asked by the schoolboys what is the chief difference between Islam and Christianity, he responded that the atonement is the key. There is no atonement for sin but in the shed blood of Jesus Christ, and this is what distinguishes Christianity from other faiths, including Islam. 

The Christian does not just vaguely hope that God will be merciful but has a concrete and objective basis upon which he knows that his sins can be forgiven, namely the shed blood of the Saviour, in whose death God’s righteous justice upon our sins was satisfied. The schoolboys sadly appeared to laugh dismissively at the setting forth of the atonement as being what separates Christianity from the religion of Mohammed.

May these Muslims and many others who heard in Uxbridge about the unique salvation which is in Christ be moved to realise their enormity of their own sin, and may they come in repentance and faith to the Saviour, whilst there is still time.