HIGH WYCOMBE : Threat to call Police as Biblical teaching upheld on LGBT issues, abortion and climate change

Pastor Peter Simpson was preaching the gospel in High Wycombe on August 25th, helped by faithful members of the church who were handing out evangelistic tracts and engaging in discussions with passers-by.

A man who was standing nearby told one of the lady helpers that, whist he was a Christian, he did not like the way that the witness was being conducted. This was probably because of the forthright nature of the preaching and the fact that the strong opposition to it from passers-by was met with some robust responses. When the truth is being attacked, it must be vigorously defended. God’s truth must be proclaimed, not apologised for. When people publicly trash the word of God, a stern response pointing out the grave nature of what has been said is required.   

One teenage girl came up to Pastor Simpson as he was preaching and told him that he was a bad man and that his opinions were despicable. She could barely get out of her mouth the words which she wished to say, so outraged was she at the public proclamation of Biblical truth, but her comments were along the lines of, You are so beneath contempt that you are not even worth speaking to. 

It is to be assumed that her protest was based on the preacher’s mentioning of the wickedness of abortion and of the sinfulness of promoting the LGBT agenda in schools.The girl was challenged about her objections to the public preaching of gospel truth and God’s moral law. The minister advised her that by rejecting the Christian message, she was claiming to be wiser than God. She sadly did not engage in further conversation, but walked off making a vulgar hand gesture. 

A non-believing middle-aged man who was more willing to debate and ask questions said in response to the pastor’s emphasis on the need to repent of sin, What is sin? How do we define it? Pastor Simpson responded that it is God alone who defines it, and there is no better summary of what God requires of men in respect of holy living than the 10 Commandments.

A young man approached Pastor Simpson and told him, The Police know all about you; you are on record as causing people offence. He then instructed the preacher to remove one of the posters on display because he claimed that it was offensive to the ‘wider community’. The minister responded, ‘Are not Christians part of the wider community?’ The politically correct establishment never seem to be concerned about offending them. 

The minister also asked the man whether he thought that adultery was sinful. There was a long pause; he was not sure how to answer. Perhaps he realised what was coming – having to accept that God’s moral law is indeed for the benefit of mankind. Pastor Simpson then told him that in 1 Corinthians 6 homosexuality is actually listed right alongside adultery as keeping people outside of the kingdom of God. Sadly, the opponent was utterly dismissive of the authority of the Bible. The minister asked him that whether his younger years gave him sufficient insight and breadth of experience to reject the Christian revelation in such a cavalier manner, and would he have dared publicly to rubbish the Quran in the dismissive way that he was publicly rejecting the Bible?

The young man threatened to call the Police if the poster was not removed. The minister said, Please go ahead, because many police officers have already seen it. The poster reads, as regular readers of these reports will know, ‘WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A NATION ABANDONS THE BIBLE? Drug-taking, knife crime, no respect for the Lord’s Day, abortion, the LGBT agenda in schools, needless anxiety over climate change’. Pastor Simpson also made a point of publicly reading out the words of Leviticus 18:22 in order to illustrate the fact that Christian preachers are not going to be intimidated into denying their calling and remaining silent on controversial issues, just because the all-pervasive forces of cultural Marxism do not like what the Bible says. 

Pastor Simpson insisted on shaking the young man’s hand at the end of the conversation, which the opponent was reluctant to do, but this was in order to prove that making a vigorous defence of Biblical truth is not done in the spirit of any personal animosity, but in the desire  that sinners might be humbled so as to see the urgency of fleeing to the Saviour. 

A group of young teenage girls also gathered around. They said that the minister should not ‘yell’ at people in the street. Pastor Simpson responded that preaching should not be dismissed as ‘yelling’. It was rather a divine ordinance which has brought untold blessings upon the nation and which was an intrinsic part of the British scene. He went on to explain the enormous benefit that gospel preaching has brought to this nation in its history, even at one stage being the instrument to save the nation from a violent revolution such as occurred in France in 1789.  

May the Lord open the hearts of these young people and of others who heard the gospel in high Wycombe upon this day, so that they see the reality of their own sin and of their need to come to the Lord Jesus Christ with a broken and a contrite heart, and to do so with urgency, before it is too late.