UXBRIDGE told how British politics is enslaved to cultural Marxism and to the exclusion of Biblical truth

The name of the Lord Jesus Christ was uplifted in the centre of Uxbridge on September 16th by Pastors Peter Simpson and John Sherwood.

At one stage a woman came up to Pastor Sherwood she was preaching who was a strong supporter of abortion. she said to the preacher, “I hope you rot in hell”. This horrid response shows what an enormously controversial issue that of abortion is, entirety is necessary for preachers of biblical truth to make a stand on the wickedness of the destruction in the womb of human life made in the image of God. 

As Pastor Simpson was handing out some evangelistic tracks, a lady told him that such literature was “a waste of trees”, the implication being that the need to ‘save the planet’ from climate change was far more important than proclaiming the Christian gospel. This shows us that the contemporary obsession with the net zero climate policies is ultimately a spiritual issue. If people think that the net zero climate agenda is more important than their being saved from their sins, then their spiritual darkness is great indeed. Because so many now have no faith in the creator God who continues to uphold and maintain His own creation each and every day, they are overcome with unnecessary fear about what man has to do to save the planet and secure mankind’s destiny. 

As well as evangelistic tracts, the preachers and helpers were also handing out a very informative leaflet from ‘The Schoolgate Campaign’ organisation on the sexualisation of children taking place in schools via RSE lessons.

One lady, who gladly received it, told Mrs Newman that she did not agree with everything that the ministers were preaching. When the witnessing sister asked her what she was unhappy with, she said that it was the preachers’ stance on homosexuality. 

This gave Mrs Newman an opportunity to speak to her about the importance and authority of God’s word, which is the only foundation for all that the pastors speak of concerning the LGBT movement. 

Mrs Newman also had a conversation with a middle-aged man who said that he was a Christian, but that he did not believe in the deity of Christ! He was then referred to many Scriptures which clearly teach the Lord’s deity, and was also asked,  Why, then, did Jesus receive worship? He sadly denied that this was the case. 

A further conversation took place with a young man who fully identified as a born again Christian, but who sadly only attends church by Zoom. Mrs Newman particularly spoke to him about the necessity of holiness and the importance of Bible-reading. 

Because of the recent sad death of the Queen a poster was displayed emphasising the connection between the monarchy and the Christian faith. It read as follows:

‘In 1953 the Queen promised on oath to govern according to the teachings of the Bible. Yet all major political parties ignore our Christian constitution. Their creed instead is trendy cultural Marxism. How Britain needs to return to the one true Biblical faith’. 

A student from Brunel University took an interest in the poster and asked Pastor Simpson if he could record an interview with him on his phone about its contents, which of course the minister was pleased to do. He proceeded to explain how the teachings of cultural Marxism have taken over all our national institutions, including the Civil Service, big business, the educational system and Parliament. 

We now live in an age where it is assumed that the Christian faith must have no influence upon the State’s actions, and that the State (along with ‘science’) possesses an authority to solve all problems to the exclusion of Almighty God. It is even assumed that the State is responsible for each individual’s medical circumstances. Furthermore, Governments are spending enormous sums of money which they do not have, even though such State intervention leads to inflation and causes the national debt to increase to very dangerous levels.

Pastor Simpson also spoke of the precious connection between the monarchy and Biblical Christianity, which connection is encapsulated in the Queen’s coronation oath in 1953. Ultimately, it is not the institution of the monarchy which can rescue Britain from its present malaise, but only the Bible-based faith which the Queen promised to uphold when she first came to the throne.  

Prayer is being offered up that many who heard in Uxbridge might be convicted of sin and see their need of trusting in Christ, in whom alone is the means of everlasting life.