HIGH WYCOMBE : Challenge issued – God has spoken; are you listening?

Pastor Peter Simpson was preaching in the centre of High Wycombe on September 22nd helped by three faithful ladies from the church. 

As he was preaching about how all people have broken God’s commandments and so are in great danger, a lady walked by and declared, “Yes, that is me”. She did so with a smile on her face, and so presumably knew nothing of the Spirit’s work of creating real distress and anguish in the heart, as one realises the enormity of personal sin against the holy God. The minister politely told her that breaking God’s laws was a really serious matter. Sin needs to be repented of with the upmost urgency.

Mrs Outten struck up a conversation with an older gentleman who was standing by. At first he refused the offer of any literature, but after speaking for a while with the witnessing sister about his experiences and some Christian issues, he did agree to take a tract at the end of the conversation. So it is hoped that this discussion was indeed profitable in making the gentleman think seriously about his spiritual condition and need of salvation.

Just after Pastor Simpson had begun his second preaching session, a young woman shouted out, “I am pro-gay”, even though the preaching had not mentioned this issue. What the woman was trying to say was that the Christian message cannot possibly be of any concern to those who support the LGBT agenda. 

In a certain sense, she was right, in that she correctly perceived that promoting homosexual lifestyles is in direct conflict with Biblical teaching. This perception is actually far more accurate and honest than those who foolishly attempt to reconcile a Christian profession with an acceptance and condoning of homosexuality, which the Bible plainly calls sinful. 

In response to the “I am gay” statement, the preacher immediately responded, “So you are wiser then God, are you?” May this question make the young person to understand exactly what she and all others do, when they reject God’s eternal moral law. It is nothing less than a blasphemous claim they are wiser then their Maker, wiser then the omnipotent God who is sustaining their very existence.

Pastor Simpson’s preaching included reference to Proverbs 1:24, where God declares – “I have called, and ye refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded”. He stated that God has spoken to all people though His creation, through their consciences and their circumstances, and He speaks supremely through His Son and the preaching of the gospel concerning salvation in His Son. The big question, however, is, Are you listening to the voice of God? This was the challenge issued to all the passer-s by. No one claim that God has not spoken to him or her, and all will be held responsible for their refusal to listen to the message of salvation. 

May many who heard in the gospel High Wycombe upon this day be those who listened in such a way as to be humbled and so see their need of turning to the unique Saviour of sinners, the Lord Jesus Christ.