SLOUGH : The wind blows gospel leaflets across the street and people start reading them!

Pastors Peter Simpson and John Sherwood were proclaiming Jesus Christ crucified in the centre of Slough on October 4th.

An encouraging conversation was  entered into with two Christians now living in Slough who came from the Kerala region of souther India.  

At one stage Pastor Simpson spoke to a passer-by who, whilst acknowledging that he had sinned, nevertheless claimed that he was a good person. It was pointed out to him that the Bible teaches, “There is none righteous, no not one” (Romans 3:10), and all people remain in a state of condemnation before the holy God, until they come in repentance and faith to the Lord Jesus Christ. May the Holy Spirit cause this man to realise that he does not possess a basic goodness before the righteous Judge of all the earth. 

A drunken man came up and tried to engage Pastor Simpson in conversation. It was tempting just to ignore him but the minister thought that he would try and plead with him about the sinfulness of his drinking and the way it was slowly killing him. Drunkenness is a spiritual issue and the man needs to come in repentance to Christ and then he will receive the power of the Holy Spirit to help him overcome this tragic lust of the flesh.

It was a very windy day and at one point some evangelistic tracts blew out of their plastic container. Some passers-by kindly helped to pick them up, and two of them actually began reading the content and were of course told that they could keep them. So we pray that the wind of the Holy Spirit might speak to these two persons’ hearts, as they read about the gospel.

Indeed, may many who heard a word of Biblical truth in the high street reflect and consider for the eternal good of their souls. 

Pastor Sherwood preaching