HIGH WYCOMBE : Teenage girls in tragic defence of the wickedness of abortion

Pastor Peter Simpson was preaching the gospel in the centre of High Wycombe helped by various members of the church at Penn. Some very useful conversations were entered into. 

One of the helpers, Miss Saw Bee Ang, spoke to a lady who used to attend church many years previously and who had been brought up in a Christian home. She was obviously encouraged to reconsider the total need to meet once more with the people of God and to hear the Scriptures expounded.   

A group of teenage girls gathered around Pastor Simpson taking strong exception to the Biblical stand being made on the sinfulness of abortion. Pastor Simpson tried to reason with them, and explain that the baby i9n the womb is a real human being whose life has been ordained by God, not just a “bunch of cells”. The attitude of some of the girls was so shocking that the Minister felt at one stage that he had to severely rebuke them. 

Mrs Outten and Mrs Pilkington also tried to reason with them. One of the girls speaking to Mrs Pilkington told her she was bisexual. The witnessing sister explained that God made all human beings either male or female only and that He never makes mistakes. She also referred to Psalm 139 where it is made clear that God knitted her together when she was formed in the womb. The girl then became quite emotional and started crying. Mrs Pilkington prayed for her, and she wanted to come back to talk again on a future occasion. 

May the Lord speak to her heart and to that of many others who heard gospel truth in High Wycombe upon this day. 

Endeavouring to give help to a needy passer-by