BEACONSFIELD : Do not think yourselves too sophisticated to take seriously this message of salvation :

Pastor Peter Simpson was proclaiming the message of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ in Beaconsfield New Town on Christmas Eve. He employed some moderate amplification because of the traffic noise. He was ably helped by Miss Saw Bee Ang. One of the posters on display declared, 

‘WHO IS THE LORD JESUS CHRIST? He is the eternal Son of God, appearing on the earth as a man. He is the Creator of all things, the loving and merciful Saviour of sinners, and the terrifying Judge of all who refuse to repent and trust in Him’

Some passers-by were seen to be reading this, along with the other two Bible texts on display, although the general level of interest of interest was disappointing. 

At one point, Pastor Simpson pleaded with those passing  by, Do not think yourselves to be so sophisticated and progressive that to imagine that this message of Jesus Christ coming down to earth to take upon Himself our nature is a message of no concern to you. It in fact applies to every single human being, because all are sinful is by nature. 

It is our hope and prayer that at least a few will take this urgent message to heart concerning the real meaning of the birth of the Saviour.