Pastor Simpson preaching the word of God opposite the Houses of Parliament

Pastors John Sherwood and Peter Simpson were proclaiming the gospel of Christ and the need for national repentance outside of the Houses of Parliament on February 8th. 

Specially prepared posters were on display dealing with the gross injustice of the proposed conversion therapy legislation, LGBT indoctrination in our schools via RSE lessons, the impossibility of a person being  able to change his or her gender, unnecessary climate change anxiety and the moral wickedness of abortion. These provoked a good level of interest. 

The preachers focused in particular on the need for national righteousness and for governments to “rule in the fear of God” (2 Samuel 23:3). Pastor Simpson also spoke on how – regarding the current international war situation – Britain should be working for peace, not for the continuation of hostilities. 

One passer-by laughed very dismissively at the poster which read, ‘There is no climate change crisis because God controls the climate’ – see Genesis 8:22. He was adamant that there is no God  in any case. Pastor Simpson referred to how, in God’s providence, the climate has always been changing through human history, and referencing as an example the medieval warm period. It was sad to see such a strong dismissal of any notion of the Creator God controlling His creation. One is reminded of the teaching in Romans 1 that God speaks to all men through the world which He has made rendering all non-believers to be without excuse (Romans 1:19-20). 

A young medical doctor who was not a Christian wanted to ask Pastor Simpson some questions about the preaching. His questions were intelligent, and he was willing to engage in reasonable debate. He argued concerning homosexualIty that if two men want to love one another, what harm can there be in that? 

Short clip of Pastor Simpson preaching the word of God opposite the Houses of Parliament

The preacher pointed out in response that the reason the doctor thought like that was because he was looking at the world from the perspective of his own sinful heart and the society in which he lived, which was in rebellion against God. Homosexuality is sinful because the God who made us says so. 

The pastor also put it to the young man that he must surely acknowledge in any case that the human body is quite simply not designed for homosexual activity, and that to engage in it therefore carries with it very real medical risks. Sadly, the doctor was not willing to concede this point. He also affirmed that he had no problems with heterosexual relations outside of marriage or even casual sexual relations with a partner whom one had no intention of being permanently with. Pastor Simpson again tried to explain to the doctor how such an outlook was the fruit of his corrupted and polluted heart. Satan, “the god of this world, hath blinded the minds of them that believe not” (2 Corinthians 4:4). Until he comes to the Lord Jesus Christ in repentance and faith and receives the Holy Spirit, he will never undergo the absolutely vital “renewing of his mind” (Romans 12:2). 

What a privilege it was to proclaim gospel truth at the governmental heart of the nation. The two pastors handed out tracts which included the following (may many who heard or read this think seriously upon these words).

“Because of cultural Marxism people think that the State and its ‘experts’ can solve all our problems. There is an idolising of science. It is God, however, who decrees whether a nation knows good health or plague and disease, peace or war, abundance of food or serious shortages, prosperity or economic collapse. As King Solomon once declared, inspired by the Holy Spirit,

“Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people” (Proverbs 14:34) 

The only hope for Britain – to avoid the severe judgement of God upon it – is to humble ourselves before Him who governs the nations. This means that each individual needs to acknowledge his or her own personal sin before the holy God, and to come in repentance and faith to the only Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, He who died on the Cross in the sinner’s place”.