Pastors Peter Simpson, and John Sherwood were preaching the gospel in the centre of Uxbridge on May 26th, and Mrs Lesley Pilkington and Mrs Patricia Newman, along with some others local Christians, were also witnessing to passers-by to complement the preaching. 

One man came up to Pastor Simpson, and said that he should be ashamed of standing behind the poster, which read, ‘What happens to a nation when it abandons the Bible : Drug-taking, knife crime, no respect for the Lord’s Day, abortion, the LGBT agenda in schools, unnecessary anxiety over climate change’. The preacher responded that there was nothing whatsoever to be ashamed in then poster, and that in particular he had no qualms whatsoever about publicly proclaiming that the LGBT philosophy and agenda are sinful in the sight of God and contrary to His word. 

Both Mrs Newman and Pastor Simpson had a long conversation with a man who rejected the validity of all religions. He stated that he cannot accept the Christian revelation, because he could not reconcile it to his sense of reason. Pastor Simpson responded that he was making a god out of reason, just as the French revolutionaries did, when they honoured the goddess ‘Reason’ in Notre Dame Cathedral in 1793.  

The minister endeavoured to get the well-educated man to think about his personal sinfulness, and about how he had broken God’s commandments. He did indeed admit to having engaged in acts of fornication. Pastor Simpson told him that he was in grave danger because of his sin, but, very sadly, it was impossible to get him concerned about his spiritual condition. This, however, is ultimately is the Holy Spirit‘s work. So may the Holy Spirit bring upon him deep conviction of sin and a great realisation of the dangers of defying the holy Law of God.

Mrs Pilkington spoke to a young Polish couple, who, in God’s providence, were already seeking the Lord. They had many questions which the witnessing sister endeavoured to answer, explaining why the Lord Jesus came into the world, the reality of sin in everyone’s lives and the need for redemption through faith in Christ. The Holy Spirit appeared to be doing a real work in their hearts, for which the brethren rejoice. Indeed, one of the couple expressed on the spot a desire to come to the Lord Jesus for mercy and forgiveness. She became emotional and tearful as Mrs Pilkington prayed for her.

May the Lord continue to work powerfully on her heart and on the hearts of many others who heard in Uxbridge upon this day.