Pastor Simpson debating with young people

Pastor Peter Simpson was preaching the gospel of salvation in the centre of High Wycombe on June 1st, helped by lady members of the congregation at the Penn chapel.

Mrs Outten had a useful discussion with two ladies, one of whom was a convinced atheist. The conversation was constructive in that the atheist realised that modern Britain is in an absolute mess and that this must mean that something is wrong on a very fundamental level. The Christian gospel of course alone has the ultimate answer to all the social problems which assail us, such as mental health issues amongst the young, knife crime, drug-taking and the desire by the media and powers that be to curtail the freedom of speech of many who do not conform to the mainstream narrative of the politicians and the media. May both ladies come top realise that the ultimate social problem is the universal one of sin in the heart of man, which only repentance and faith in the Saviour are able properly to deal with.

Pastor Simpson when preaching quoted Ezekiel 18:30 in order to try and impress upon passers-by the seriousness of sin : “Repent, and turn yourselves from all your transgressions; so iniquity shall not be your ruin” (Ezekiel 18:30). Those who break God’s commandments, which is all people, will be eternally ruined unless they flee to the Saviour crying out for mercy. 

Whilst Pastor Simpson was preaching, he declared, “Do not be so proud as to think that you do not need a Saviour, because all have sinned”. A group of 19 to 20-year-olds came up to him, who were obviously not at all sympathetic to the public proclamation of Biblical truth. A female member of the group said that she did not need saving and could look after herself. The Minister replied that the Lord Jesus will not force his salvation on anyone. It has to be sought and asked for,  but he also warned her that all attempts at self help on the Day of Judgment will be futile.  

The young people sadly defended the practice of abortion, arguing that it was merely the disposal of a lump of cells. They also denied that the aborted baby could feel any pain. The minister told them that life begins at conception that they should read Psalm 139 to get a right perspective on the sanctity of life. 

One of the teenagers (almost inevitably) expressed support for the gay lifestyle, but was politely told that it is contrary to God’s moral law. The response to this was, Why should anyone believe what is written down in an old book? They were then told that the Bible is not just any book, but the living Word of God. The youngsters sadly argued, however, that there was simply no evidence for the truth of the Christian revelation. Pastor Simpson responded that the New Testament was written by ‘eyewitnesses’ of the great events it describes (Luke 1:2, 2 Peter 1:16), including 500 people seeing the risen Christ on Monday.

A young man asked Pastor Simpson about the ‘woke anti-Christian agenda’ in modern Britain which one of the posters on display referred to. The minister responded that two examples of this agenda are the condoning of abortion by the establishment and the sinful redefinition by Parliament of marriage, which can only be between one man and one woman.

The young man then argued that because there is a separation of Church and State, the Minister had no right to complain about what Parliament has done or about a general anti-Christian drift in society. The preacher responded that the separation of Church and State does not give to political leaders the freedom to ignore the laws of God, for all leaders continue to be answerable to Christ, the Judge of all the earth. Furthermore, the King at his recent coronation, as our head of state, publicly acknowledged the Bible to be the nation’s supreme authority. Therefore, it is unconstitutional for Parliament to pass laws which are contrary to God’s moral law s laid down in the Scriptures.

Prayer is now being offered up that many of those who heard gospel truth in High Wycombe will see the urgency of fleeing to the Saviour without further delay.