Pastor Peter Simpson was preaching the gospel in High Wycombe High Street on June 15th. The lady helpers, Mrs Pilkington, Mrs Outten and Mrs Campbell were encouraged by the good number of gospel tracts handed out. 

A Christian family from Poland approached Mrs Outten saying how pleased they were to see the public proclamation of Biblical truth, as did also a nearby workman, who, towards the end of the witness, kindly bought Pastor Simpson a cup of coffee. 

Mrs Pilkington spoke to an elderly man who was sadly hostile to the gospel. He sadly then walked off without taking any literature, but surprisingly went and sat down on a bench and listened to the preaching, which was really encouraging. He had said that he was a Roman Catholic and had spent most of his life having to go to mass, which he seemed to resent. May the Lord cause him to understand the true gospel according to the Scriptures. 

During his preaching Pastor Simpson referred to the way modern Britain has abandoned God’s commandments, citing  the redefinition of marriage as an example, which, as god has decreed, can only be between one man one woman. On hearing this , a young woman walking by made a point of offering a rude gesture in the preacher’s direction. The minister shouted out that the vulgar hand signal was hardly a well-reasoned argument, and that to reject the commandments of God is nothing but a claim to be wiser than God. 

The woman returned the other way a short while afterwards and shouted out to the preacher, “Jesus died for the gays”.  Pastor Simpson responded that the effectiveness of the death of Christ for sinners is only applicable to those who actually repent and believe. Salvation is not automatic. Indeed, those who refuse to repent and come to the Saviour have been, and continue to be, under the wrath of God, with the Lord’s death having no personal application to them whatsoever.  

Again, as Pastor Simpson was preaching, he spoke of how the nation had gone mad in its rejection of Biblical truth. He referred to the fact that God as Creator has fixed the gender of all people, and that a person’s sex therefore cannot be altered. To attempt to alter one’s sex is in fact a spiritual issue, being both a personal and a public rejection of the wisdom of God in His creating work (for He ordains all life). A young man walking by retorted that people are free to make their own choice regarding their gender.

The minister replied that no one has the right to question what God in His infinite wisdom as our Maker has done. Even ignoring this vital spiritual factor, to seek to change one’s gender is a denial of plain scientific fact. Our God-rejecting society claims to put so much trust in “following the science”, but on this issue it seems strangely oblivious to the plain science which is staring it in the face.

At one stage Pastor Simpson preached on Proverbs 1:7, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge : but fools despise wisdom and instruction”. All must fear the God who controls the universe, who controls the climate, who controls the harvest, and who determines the welfare of nations. To reject the wisdom and instruction of the Bible, the word of God, is in fact utter foolishness. This is why our nation today is literally going mad. The gospel of Jesus Christ crucified for sinners is the only remedy.

One of the lady helpers sharing the gospel with a passer-by