Pastors John Sherwood and Peter Simpson were proclaiming Jesus Christ crucified for sinners in the centre of Uxbridge on July 7th helped by three local believers and Mrs Lesley Pilkington. 

A young man came up to Pastor Simpson, obviously realising that the gathered Christians upheld Biblical morality in respect of LGBT issues, and started to speak as if he wanted to have an intelligent conversation, but it was sadly just a ploy, because there quickly came from his mouth the most appalling vulgarity directed personally at the pastor in order to express his supreme displeasure with the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality. Pastor Simpson told him that his obscene words did not exactly provide a strong argument to assert the validity of his position.

The young man was quite contemptuous of the preacher, and not willing to engage in any meaningful conversation. He claimed that homosexuals had been marginalised in society, to which the minister responded in disbelief, saying that, far from being marginalised, the homosexual and transgender activists appear to be dictating the whole philosophical and moral drift of the nation, and is now shaping the general character of the nation. Furthermore, one’s view on LGBT matters is even now determining one’s eligibility for employment. The LGBT lobby has achieved the redefinition of the God-ordained institution oof marriage, and is exerting a major influence in the educational system and the media, particularly influencing the minds of children. Furthermore, big businesses are falling over themselves to promote the LGBT cause. Whatever this phenomenon is, it is certainly not marginalisation.

A Muslim lady came up to Pastor Simpson and said that she was supportive of the witness because Muslims and Christians essentially believed the same thing. The preacher tried gently to say to her that this was not the case pointed out how it can be, very dangerous in majority, Muslim context for Muslims to convert to Christianity, and those who do so I would certainly face ostracisation by their families and communities. This hardly speaks of the two faiths being essentially united. Pastor Simpson tried to impress upon the lady, the unique nature of the Lord, Jesus Christ, that he was far more than just a profit, but was God manifest in the flesh. She sadly Not accept the truth. May the Lord open her eyes to see that the prophet whom they revere is actually being openly rejected, if they refused to honour him as the eternal son of God, who must receive the worship of all men.

One of the posters on display asserted that because the nation had abandon the authority of the Bible, and therefore belief in the Creator God, therefore many people in society, especially the young, were racked with anxiety about climate change. This is such unnecessary anxiety, because God controls the climate and He has promised in Genesis 8:22, 

“While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease” (Genesis 8:22). The is God’s promise that throughout human history the seasons will keep on recurring as they have always done, implying that the climate, whilst varying, will never change in such a way as to impede the right functioning of the four seasons of the year; and therefore the ongoing doomsday scenario which the power and the media are promoting is invalid. 

Two teachers challenged Pastor Simpson about the poster, arguing that the climate emergency was real. The minister endeavoured to explain to them that the climate has been varying throughout human history, but never I’m rems of an impending universal and once and fro all disaster. Carbon dioxide represents just a tiny fraction of the earth’s atmosphere and in any case is good for the environment. Indeed, the pastor stated, fossil fuels are one of God’s amazing blessings of common grace which he has given to undeserving man, improving greatly our quality of life. Yes, off course we must avoid unnecessary pollution of the environment, but the notion of a climate change crisis has become an alternative religion, and at the root of it is the rejection of the sovereignty of the Trinitarian God over His creation.  

Pastor Simpson preached on Psalm 51:9-10, “Hide thy face from my sins, and blot out all mine iniquities. Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me” (Psalm 51:9–10). These words speak of the sinful nature of all men and of the need for each one to be born anew, as he or she comes to repentance and faith in the only Saviour. May many who heard in Uxbridge realise about just how sinful their hearts are, and may they see the need to flee to Christ with the utmost urgency.